Video Producers Wanted

Video Producers

You’re the kind of person who loves making videos – with or without a sound accompaniment. Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, Myspace, BlipTV, Veoh Mevio, and all the other video-hosting sites are a second home to you and, over the years, you’ve uploaded many short movies that you’ve produced.

If you’ve never done a book video or a book trailer before, don’t let that put you off applying because we know what we’re looking for. What we need are talented people like yourself who can take our concepts and turn them into a memorable video and a general call-to-action that persuades readers to either buy our client’s book or to put it firmly on their ‘Wish List’.

In our eyes, a typical book video or book trailer, just so that you know, is:

  • Either 60 or 90 seconds in duration
  • Thought-provoking, memorable, visually-appealing, amusing, entertaining and of such quality that the viewer goes away feeling that it was a minute or two of their lives well-spent
  • Professionally edited
  • Properly synched with any audio sound-track
  • Simple, clean and devoid of gimmickry (which invariably makes a video look tacky and amateurish)
  • The means for communicating one clear message

If you’re nodding your head to all this, we really want to hear from you.

FAQ’s for Video Producers Wanted

Here are some specific FAQ’s for the Book Video Producers Wanted Jobs section:

How long do I commit for?

You commit on a job-by-job basis.

What if I can’t do a particular job?

Just be honest at the outset and we’ll wish you well and find someone else (maybe you can recommend someone).

What if I don’t want to produce a book video for other reasons?

Likewise – just be honest. Telling us why means that we can make a note of your preferences for future reference.

What do I get paid?

We prefer to pay on a specific job basis so all you’re agreeing to by signing up is to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we’ve settled on a deal with you. We are generous but expect perfection in return. Does that sound fair?

Are there any limitations on who else I can work for?

None whatsoever (as long as they’re above the law!).

What about ideas and scripts?

We’ll provide you with the script (if there is one), concepts, book cover images, photos of the author and anything else of that nature.

What about music?

We like the idea of a musical background to a ‘narrative style’ video. It doesn’t cost much (really, it doesn’t) to purchase the license to use a track and we can be involved with you in its selection.

Who comes up with the ideas?

As we’ve indicated, the customer will give a:

  • Detailed briefing about the book
  • Description of the main characters, scene etc
  • List of any ideas they’ve come up with

You’ll then take these pieces and assemble them into a professional book trailer.

What about edits?

Our customers are allowed one free edit which must be of a minor nature. That does not (of course) include the correction of any errors introduced by yourself. However, don’t worry, all this will be discussed before a job is placed with you.

For the record, an ‘edit’ in our eyes means a minor modification and NOT clients changing their minds about the original briefing. Major changes automatically incur customers an additional fee with you being correspondingly remunerated. Here are the ‘in principle’ definitions:

Minor Changes

Defined as alterations to text banners, font (colour, size, type), adding information about the author or the book, adjusting the audio balance or incorporating additional sales information.

Major Changes

Defined as (but not limited to) replacing background images or animations, changes to the musical accompaniment, transition effects, inserting new frames, altering the storyboard and increasing/decreasing the video length.

Do I have to upload the videos?

That’s the idea. You’ll create accounts for our clients (on specified and agreed sites) and then tag and upload the book trailer.

Who will own the copyright?

That will pass 100% to the client on their acceptance of the finished product. If you’d like to display the video on your site to demonstrate your talents, we’ll be delighted to ask their permission but you must not publish it anywhere without the customer’s approval. You must also be prepared to take it down in the (admittedly unlikely) subsequent event of a request from them to do so.

Sorry but we don’t need any more video producers for the time being.