Wild Goose & Queen Anne’s Lace Compendium

Queen Anne's Lace & Green Tree Compendium

Principal category Family Drama
Word count (approximate pages) 111,600 (300)
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Two great novels at a reduced price!

Queen Anne’s Lace opens just after the death of the father of the family. Isabel, his wife, is feeling purposeless and seeks solace in a nearby convent. The short stay opens her eyes to a new way of life and she becomes convinced that the life of a nun would give her the direction that she is now lacking. Besides starting down the path towards becoming one, she decides to gift the family cottage to the convent.

This decision does not sit so well with her three children …

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Wild Goose is the story of Jemima, a young girl growing up at the home of her grandparents in rural East Anglia. Her widowed father is an Oxford don who reads literature and sees that as the natural career progression for his daughter. Jemima’s talents lie in a different direction and, despite her father’s clumsy attempts to gently but firmly guide her down the path he followed, she takes a strong interest in the natural world.

Underlying the seemingly tranquil world that she lives in, there is a dark and growing alienation between father and daughter. Jemima wants to please him but she can’t and this internal conflict erupts during her school exams which she flunks and then attempts suicide by drowning in her beloved sea.

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The Road

The Road

Principal category Crime
Word count (approximate pages) 157,000 (532)
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Every crime has a victim!

This novel is set about the fictitious town of Stockton and involves the building of a new road – an event which brings out the worst in an array of differing characters with equally different agendas.

Corruption is as old as the hills but many people don’t or won’t see that even the smallest ‘bad cough’ or ‘patting of one’s back pocket’ can have far-reaching consequences. If you think we’ve got a democracy, this book will open your eyes to what really goes on. Yet, despite that, it is not political – it’s a very human tale of how the countryside is being exploited for everyone’s gain. Everyone, that is, except the public.

Henry, our main character, is a town planner. He has a miserable marriage, children who just see him as a no-limit credit card, and a toadying boss who is obsessed with pointless minutiae and the feathering of his own nest through social climbing. One day Henry spots an opportunity for escape and …

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Along the way, we meet the family whose dream house in the country loses its adjacent green fields in return for acquiring the family from hell as neighbours. We also get to understand why a waste disposal worker might turn a blind eye to the tipping of some asbestos, and how the law can be taken advantage of to make money.

We also meet someone who manages to turn personal tragedy into a new beginning.

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You will find humour, disaster, greed, lust, sloth and just about every sin and emotion you care to imagine.

The Road is a blockbuster story with many dramatic turns. It is based on extensive personal experience and, although the characters are not directly related to any one individual, they are realistic.

Buy ‘The Road’ and be prepared to laugh, cry, and bash the living daylights out of a cushion or pillow as you seethe with rage at some of the injustices.

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

 Principal category Family drama
 Word count (approximate pages) 62,700 (210)
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A modern family saga and romance

This story begins in an old cottage near the coast. With the death of her husband fresh behind her, Isabel McKay is a bit of a lost soul. Her children have grown up and moved on and her partner of many years has gone. She feels lonely and purposeless.

Isabel finds her purpose in a nearby convent, so much so that she eventually offers the family cottage to the Order. Her children and their own intended partners object vociferously to this decision but to no avail. Ironically, the nuns reject the cottage but not the proceeds from its sale.

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Kate, one of Isabel’s daughters is pregnant and, at her wedding Derek, her new (and delightfully obnoxious) father-in-law winds Isabel up so much that she confesses the situation to her children.

This announcement brings about a logical but, nevertheless, surprising solution to the dilemma.

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