The name of the rose


Complex and enigmatic

Complex and enigmatic

I don’t know its name, sadly.

Perhaps the Garden Centre does because they recommended it and have the same sort growing by their gate.

It’s strong, and vigorous, sporting many perfect blooms at the same time.

Complex and enigmatic, it conceals the mystery of its centre behind layer upon layer of petals.


A red, red rose

Red rose

Red rose

I’m sure this cluster of roses wasn’t the sort of thing Robert Burns had in mind when he wrote:

My love is like a red, red rose

The line is famous because it demonstrates a simile; the metaphor equivalent would be:

My love is a red, red rose

I’m pleased with these roses, though, because their petals don’t have brown edges like they normally do.

The rain, which is still in evidence on them, is probably the reason for this.