Joie de vivre

Life is so good!

Life is so good!

A French phrase usually translated as ‘joy in living’, but in reality untranslatable.

More than to whole lives, it belongs to moments and people – and puppies.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to start every day with such joie de vivre?

And a partridge in a pear tree

A pear tree without a partridge in sight

A pear tree without a partridge in sight

This is just a pear tree – no partridge.

The most-repeated line of the traditional cumulative song ‘The twelve days of Christmas’ offers a bird for the table, but why in a pear tree?

The explanation seems to be that the French name for a partridge is added for clarification or whatever reason.

The French for partridge is ‘perdrix’ – pronounced very like ‘pear tree’!

All those Christmas cards, all that ceramic tableware – based on Chinese whispers!