A penny for your thoughts




This phrase implies that a person’s thoughts are worth money, but I’m not sure I’d pay anything for the contents of this cricket’s head.

It looks irate, like a retired Army Colonel who’s found someone sitting in his favourite deckchair.

But there can’t be much going on behind the 4 eyes, beyond food/sex/danger/how-far-shall-I-jump.

It’s still fun to read things into the expression, though.


I couldn’t give a fig


A bowl of figs

A bowl of figs

The expression makes these wonderful fruits sound worthless.

Whereas in fact it comes from a Spanish pun between the 2 almost identical words for fig and the female genitals.

It was the name for a rude gesture in which the thumb is placed between the first and second fingers.

In Shakespeare’s time it was known as The Fig of Spain.

Knowing all this doesn’t lessen my pleasure in eating them!