A penny for your thoughts




This phrase implies that a person’s thoughts are worth money, but I’m not sure I’d pay anything for the contents of this cricket’s head.

It looks irate, like a retired Army Colonel who’s found someone sitting in his favourite deckchair.

But there can’t be much going on behind the 4 eyes, beyond food/sex/danger/how-far-shall-I-jump.

It’s still fun to read things into the expression, though.


Near-death experience

Groping towards the light

Groping towards the light

Groping towards the light, this cricket looks like the embodiment of a near-death experience.

But it’s an illusion (apart from the fact that crickets are short-lived anyway); it’s on the other side of obscure glass.

It also looks a bit like how I felt today when I went swimming in a downpour.

Looking around you

The stuff of nightmare

The stuff of nightmare

This photo shows a cricket eating a small, dainty paper wasp.

The paper wasp was already dead, so no murder was committed.

Now think of the wasp being a hornet which, given we’ve recently suffered a hornets’ nest near the house, would be cause for rejoicing.

Scale up the cricket accordingly and the skull-like head and stringy limbs are something from a nightmare.

It’s not that much more of a stretch to imagine it munching on a human being; now you’ve got the monster for a blockbuster horror movie.

My point is that inspiration of all sorts is there if you just look around you, and observe the small things.



Leaping into the unknown

Launch pad for a cricket

Launch pad for a cricket

A cricket is peering over the edge of a leaf as if into an abyss. Crickets don’t see all that well so when they jump, I wonder if they always know where they’ll land.

In this case it hopped onto the next leaf, but when they use those powerful back legs to the fullest extent, it really must be a leap into the unknown.