Fly in the ointment

Pool with hills beyond

Swimming pool on a misty morning

Or, rather: bee in the swimming pool.

This is the tranquil scene which greets me in the morning.

The water is cold, but bracing and deliciously numbing.

Today, as I swam, I stretched out a hand to pick a leaf off the surface.

Unfortunately for me, a bee was using the leaf as a boat.

It objected to the disturbance and stung me 3 times.



Carpenter bee visiting a hibiscus flower

Carpenter bee visiting a hibiscus flower

The word comes from the Ancient Greek and usually means a mutually beneficial relationship between different species.

The bee wants the nectar and the hibiscus wants to be pollinated.

However the bee, in its eagerness, seems to be taking the relationship one step further.

Its passionate, diving embrace of the flower’s pistil looks more like romance.