Privacy Policy

PrivacyAny Subject Books takes the handling of your data very seriously – not only because that’s the right thing to do but also because, as authors ourselves, we understand how many hundreds (or thousands) of hours have gone into the writing of your book. Even a simple novella can take a long time and the last thing you need, deserve or expect is for your trust to be abused.

We won’t do that.

Your data will be used solely for the purposes relevant to the booking you have placed with us. If we ever feel the need to use it in another way, we’ll discuss it with you first. We can’t say it clearer than that.

Some things you do need to know, though:

  1. To help us with our marketing, we use Google Analytics. This means that a simple cookie is placed on your computer and this tells us “What’s hot and what’s not”. Most websites use this facility and it’s not something to worry about. If you’d like to know more, just do a search for “Google Analytics cookie”.
  2. We store your data on computers protected by up-to-date firewalls. Access to your work is on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis and we don’t circulate anything unnecessarily. As soon as we are finished with the work and you’ve approved it, we’ll either store it for your future reference (in case you lose your copy) or delete it as per your request. Obviously, if you ask us to delete it, we’ll not be able to help you should your own copy get lost or corrupted.
  3. No-one can guarantee that their computers won’t get hacked. We take all reasonable precautions but even a mountain can get chipped away by toothpicks if there are enough of them for a suitable long period of time. Please keep your own back-ups and change any passwords that you’ve given us as soon as we’ve ‘done our bit’. We won’t be offended.
  4. By using this website and its services, you are effectively agreeing to this privacy policy.
  5. While we take pains to check external links, these are operated by third parties and outside of our control. You should take all reasonable precautions when accessing them and never give anyone your personal data unless you are 100% certain of their identity and intentions.
  6. This privacy policy was created on 27th May, 2013. If we decide to make any changes to this policy, they’ll be made on this page.
  7. If you need to contact us about anything, pleaseĀ useĀ the ‘Contact Us‘ page. We’ll always respond – usually within 3 working days or less.