Nettie’s Quest by Clare Mishica

Nettie's Quest

Principal category Children
Word count (approximate pages) 29,700 (80)
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You’ve got to be bats not to love Nettie!

Nettie is a young bat with no belief at all in her own abilities and a terminal fear of everything. Despite being sweet and well-meaning, she earns the enmity of the leader of the bat colony who also happens to be the resident bully – Cleo. It is Cleo who challenges her to the impossible feat of bringing back a dog.

Enter Weber, a half-starved furry giant of a dog who is chained up and only interested in food. However he is no match for Nettie once she spots his potential and starts rousing him.

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Will these two highly unlikely companions be friends? Can Nettie stir a canine mountain into action and take him to the little boy, back where she used to live, whose one and only wish is to have a dog? Will things ever go right for either of them?

This is a heart-warming story with a real heroine, enlivened by well-informed descriptions of the natural world.

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