Jobs With ASB

Jobs at ASB

Freelancers are wanted to help us meet the needs of our self-publishing clients. If you have the skills, we’ll reward you for their demonstration – quality is everything to us. Check out the list below for more information about the specific job vacancies and how to apply.

We have the following job vacancies that need filling:


Actors – Jobs

We need actors to do narratives for our book videos as well as to actually appear in a few. If you’ve trained as an actor or studied drama, put those voice lessons to good use and earn more than the ‘odd crust’ while making a book video for our authors. Don’t worry if you’ve never done one before, we’ll talk you through everything. So go on, ‘break a leg’ today!

Actors Wanted – Application Details


Bloggers – Jobs

Do you run a blog that’s got a connection with writing? Perhaps you’re an author yourself? Either way you could benefit from some free writing-related articles or a chance to interview one of our authors as part of an ASB Blog Tour. Get valuable backlinks, make new connections and get some free articles. Sign up now!

Bloggers Wanted – Application Details


Book Formatters – Jobs

Are you familiar with mobi, epub and pdf? Can you make a table of contents work and get past the intricacies of Smashwords, Createspace etc? If so, we’d very much like to hear from you. Click on the link below for more information and details of how to apply.

Book Formatters Wanted – Application Details


Book Reviewers – Jobs

Do you enjoy reading? Do you reckon you can give a fair and objective review of a book we place with you? Get paid for honestly assessing our authors’ books by signing up as an ASB reviewer. Click on the link below for more information and application details.

Book Reviewers Wanted – Application Details


Cover Designers – Jobs

Have you trained in creative design or art and do you generally possess artistic talent? There’s a growing demand for eye-catching book covers for the e-book market and we’d love to see what you can offer. The application process is dead simple so get applying!

Cover Designers Wanted – Application Details


Editors – Jobs

We need people with excellent English and analytical minds to get our clients’ work into tip-top condition. A key part of the job is standardising (or standardizing) abbreviations and nomenclature – can you help with that? Are you up for the job? If so, you know what to do!

Editors Wanted – Application Details


Ghostwriters – Jobs

Just because our authors tell a great yarn, doesn’t mean we don’t need ghostwriters for all manner of important and satisfying jobs such as writing blog articles, short stories, press releases or even a complete novel! If you’ve got impeccable spelling and grammar skills, know how to turn a colourful phrase or two and can follow instructions, follow this one and apply now!

Ghostwriters Wanted – Application Details


Interviewers – Jobs

Do you love chatting to people and possess a ‘good phone voice’? If so, you could become an interviewer for Any Subject Books. All you need is a free program (we’ll give you details), a microphone and a Skype account. We’ll supply you with questions, answers and everything you need to know about our authors in advance of the interview.

Interviewers Wanted – Application Details


Narrators – Jobs

If you’re into reading and have a clear voice, this is the job for you. Get paid to read a selection of our great books and get paid in the process. Prove yourself to us and we’ll even give you a full-page advert to yourself on the site – that’s a fantastic reference if you’re seeking to make a career in drama or films.

Narrators Wanted – Application Details


Press Release Writers – Jobs

We need people who can write creatively with a media market in mind. If you’ve written press releases, dealt with newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online broadcasters, we’d be only too pleased to see some samples. Our authors are gifted at writing books and stories so they need someone with the ability to produce attention-grabbing press releases to get them the publicity they deserve. Is that you?

Press Release Writers Wanted – Application Details


Social Media Gurus – Jobs

Friendly, outgoing, love networking? You sound ideal for us – why not consider becoming a social media guru? If you build Twitter and Facebook pages, have active accounts with LinkedIn, Goodreads etc – we’re interested in you, too. Find out more by clicking on the link below.

Social Media Gurus Wanted – Application Details


Video Producers – Jobs

Are you handy with a camera? Have you made videos, especially book videos? If you’re a demon on Youtube, Vimeo and the other video hosting platforms, you sound the right person for us. We’ve customers who need high quality short book videos and book trailers produced. Click on the link below for more information and application details.

Video Producers Wanted – Application Details