Interviewers Wanted

InterviewersWe’re looking for interviewers to talk to our authors ‘on air’. Is that you?

You’ll need to have a:

  • Busy writing-related blog or Facebook-style page which features audio broadcasts
  • PC with a program like Audacity (free) running to record the interview
  • Excellent and clear voice devoid of a particularly strong regional accent
  • Gregarious, outgoing and friendly personality and be the sort of person whom others feel at home with

Don’t worry about the questions or the briefing – that’s our province, and when you do the interview, you’ll feel you already know the author and their book. That’s the objective, by the way, to discuss the author’s latest (or first) novel and we’ll pay you well for your work.

If all this describes you and you’re looking forward to chatting to our authors then look no further – just get that application form filled in!

FAQ’s for Interviewers Wanted

Here are some specific FAQ’s for the Interviewers Wanted Jobs section:

How long do I commit for?

You commit on a job by job basis.

What if I can’t or won’t do a particular interview?

Just be honest at the outset and we’ll wish you well and find someone else (maybe you can recommend someone).

What do I get paid?

We prefer to pay on a specific job basis so all you’re agreeing to by signing up is to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we’ve settled on a deal with you. We are generous but we do expect perfection in return. Does that sound fair?

Are there any limitations on who else I can work for?

None whatsoever (as long as they’re above the law!).

Who comes up with the ideas for the interview questions?

We will furnish you with the following:

  • Short and long synopses of the book
  • Bio of the author
  • Summary of the book’s genre and target market
  • Batch of searching questions and answers which the author will be familiar with (hopefully avoiding contradictions when you’re on air)
  • Photo of the author and jpg of the cover (to be used when you promote the broadcast)

What do you want from me by way of application?

Please include:

  • Some brief background information about yourself
  • A summary of interviews that you’ve conducted
  • Link(s) to where the broadcast will be uploaded
  • A sample voice file
  • An indication of your areas of specialism
  • Your fee structure

How long do you envisage an interview will last?

We deliberately don’t fix a time for this as it needs to run its natural course however you should aim for a duration of fifteen to twenty minutes. In certain circumstances a longer interview may be appropriate but we’d discuss that on a case-by-case basis should the eventuality ever arise.

Do you have some ideas of the show’s structure?

This is a very rough breakdown of what we have in mind. Remember, each author and each book is a different proposition so this is far from being written in stone.

You would probably:

  • Welcome the author and introduce the book by its title
  • Get them to summarise their book
  • Ask them about why they wrote it and who it’s aimed at
  • Talk to them about the principal character(s)
  • Invite them to chat about their favourite and least favourite character – do they see themselves in any of them?
  • Discuss if they have another book coming and will it be a sequel?
  • Thank them for coming

Do I keep the sound file afterwards?

No. You’re being paid for your work therefore the sound file ultimately belongs to the client although you will have reasonable rights (with the intention that this means ‘lifetime’)  to offer it for your blog’s visitors to listen to. Theoretically the client might ask you to take it down one day (in which case you must oblige) but they should give you proper notice should that come about.

What format do you want the file in?

We’d like it back to us in mp3 or wav format to a quality of not less than 128 kps (and preferably considerably higher).

What happens after I apply?

We’ll assess your application, confirm to you either way whether you’ve been accepted onto our list of approved interviewers or not and, if you have, get in touch when a suitable job arrives. At that point we’ll tell you what we’ll need from you, what the work entails and what our best offer of payment is. Then it’s for you to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’.

Sorry but we don’t need any more interviewers for the time being.