We’re the write answer!

Let us take your ideas and turn them into a story that everyone will want to read with you as the author!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time, the right words or the confidence to string a story together in a way you know will make readers want to buy it in their droves. You’ve a cracking yarn to tell but how do you get it all down?

That’s where we’re pleased to oblige. We can take your concept, storyline and characters and weave them into a highly commercial publication. If you’re a little ‘grammar-challenged’, this can actually work out a far better deal than trying to write the story yourself and then having to shell out on an editor. Just pass your idea on to us and leave it to the professionals to bring your concept to life.

An added advantage is that you could use all that spare time to start thinking up the sequel to your book!

We’ve authors on our books who have well over 20 years experience of writing books, commercial publications, non-fiction, fiction, poetry – you name it. You’ll find plenty of examples of our writing on this site.

Why fret and struggle when our rates are from just $50 per 1,000 words?

What’s the process, then?

Well, we begin by asking you a few searching questions about what you want us to write about, how many words you estimate it’ll run to and the audience it’s being aimed at. Once you’ve made the appropriate payment, we’ll contact you in person (usually within 3 business days) to get your detailed briefing because we know you won’t want to do that in an impersonal way.

Having done that, we’ll then confirm in writing to you what’s required and, after you’ve sent a quick acceptance email back, we’ll get started. Just so that we know we’re all on the same page (so to speak), we’ll submit the first chapter (or 3,000 to 5,000 words) as a sample. If you’re happy with what we’ve done so far, we’ll continue with regular submissions as the writing proceeds taking on board any requests or suggestions along the way.

Don’t think about writing that book, get it written.

Ghostwriting FAQ’s

How can I be sure that you won’t rip off my idea?

When we accept your job, we will send you a written confirmation of the ideas and set-up of your story. This will be on our letterhead and thus provide you with an absolute affidavit that we do not intend to plagiarise your story in any way. We’re a registered British company and what you tell us, stays with us. Your information is completely confidential.

What if I’m not happy with the sample?

If you’re really not happy and we both agree that the differences seem to be irreconcilable, we’ll refund you in full once you’ve promised not to make use of the sample we’ve provided. On the other hand, if the sample is ‘nearly there’, we’ll resubmit it to you (after you’ve ‘snagged it’) at no extra charge.

What if I want to ‘call it a day’ halfway through the project?

No problem but you must understand that we invest a considerable amount of time at the outset of a project getting to grips with what clients want (plot, character development etc) and that’s why the refund will not be pro rata. If you’re thinking about pulling the plug because you’ve changed your mind about writing the book, ask us for the financial implications before you make the decision. We might even want to buy the copyright off you so it’s well worth asking.

Who owns the copyright?

Once you’ve paid in full, it’s 100% yours and we’ve no claim to it whatsoever. We might ask if we can display a sample of it to future clients in return for some free publicity for your book but you’re under no obligation to agree. You can use your own name, a nom-de-plume or whatever you like – it’ll be your book just as if you’d written it with your own fair hand.

What if the final word count means I owe you extra?

When we get to the point where it’s possible to give a realistic estimate of the finalised word count, we’ll discuss and agree it with you before sending a request for a top-up payment.

What if you owe me money because I’ve overpaid?

Any positive balance will be processed as a refund but please allow 5 business days after you’ve given final approval of the complete text for this to happen. The money will be refunded to your Paypal account but note there may be a delay while they process it.

How many ‘edits’ do I get?

You get two edits per section of work included in the price. An edit is defined as you making one set of changes to the text or formatting, or performing any other adjustments for a given section of text. In the unlikely event that we make a mistake (we don’t expect to but we are human), that correction does not count as an edit. Our corrections can be made retrospectively – for example, you could correct a misplaced comma from Chapter 2 after you’ve given the approval for Chapter 20.

What format will the writing be provided in?

We can do all the usual – doc, docx, rtf, odt, txt – but we can also convert to other formats (see formatting section).

What if I want tables, graphics, photos, charts etc?

It’s not a problem but it will cost extra. While we wouldn’t charge for including a ‘photo of the author’ in a 60,000 word novel, if there are tables, graphics etc in your book, it’s best to get a quotation beforehand. Just use the contact form to outline what’s going to be required and we’ll contact you to discuss how best to achieve your goal at the most reasonable price.

Ghostwriting rates

Ghostwriting – Fiction

Price per 1,000 words including two edits. You can decide as much or as little of the story as you like.

Intensive research (optional) – Fiction

Price per hour for expert help sniffing out the precise data you need to get your book correct.

Initial consultation (optional) – Fiction

Price per hour (in 15-minute increments) for an initial consultation to make sure you’re on target for writing a winner.

Ghostwriting – Non-Fiction

Price per 1,000 words including two edits. Point us in the direction you want to go in and leave the rest to us.

Intensive research (optional) – Non-Fiction

Price per hour for expert help sniffing out the precise data you need to get your book correct.

Initial consultation (optional) – Non-Fiction

Price per hour (in 15-minute increments) for an initial consultation to make sure you’re on target for writing a winner.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

As we’ve said, if you’re not happy with the sample chapter/section, we’ll either adjust it or refund you in full. The only condition is that you promise not to use anything we’ve supplied you with. If we make a mistake, you can point this out to us at any time and we’ll correct it without arguing. What we will say is that we’re very experienced ghostwriters and are well used to debriefing clients and turning their ideas into words.