Editors Wanted


We’re looking for editors – people who can look at a piece of prose, correct all the errors, then standardise and adjust the text so that even a novice writer looks like a seasoned and polished author. Is that you?

Editing is a very particular skill in that it combines a fierce eye for correctitude with a flair for creativity. That’s not everyone – we recognise that.

The sort of thing you’ll routinely be expected to do as an editor with Any Subject Books is inter alia to:

  • Rectify any spelling errors bearing in mind whether it’s intended to be in UK or US English
  • Correct any and all grammatical errors
  • Ensure that punctuation is correct and standardised – for example, e.g. not suddenly appearing as eg or eg. or e.g or e g.
  • Check that paragraph breaks are in the right places
  • Remove ‘bloat’ and indulgent descriptions
  • Focus key moments
  • Rectify any inappropriate or sudden changes in viewpoint
  • Identify and remedy any plot-holes or character inconsistencies
  • Prepare a report for the author of what has been done

You do need excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills yourself to be an editor for Any Subject Books. Please understand now that we simply won’t accept “it’s near enough” or “I didn’t think it mattered”. If all this describes you and you’re looking for work where your talents will be properly appreciated, look no further – just get that application form filled in!

FAQ’s for Editors Wanted

Here are some specific FAQ’s for the Editors Wanted Jobs section:

How long do I commit for?

You commit on a job by job basis.

What if I can’t or won’t do a particular job?

Just be honest at the outset and we’ll wish you well and find someone else (maybe you can recommend someone).

What are your rates of pay?

We prefer to pay on a specific job basis so all you’re agreeing to by signing up is to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we’ve settled on a deal with you. We are generous but we do expect perfection in return. Does that sound fair?

Are there any limitations on who else I can work for?

None whatsoever (as long as they’re above the law!).

Who comes up with the ideas?

The customer or ASB may come up with some key areas to focus on but your function will be to concentrate on the checklist you’ll be supplied with at the time of us placing our order with you. Thus, you’ll have a proper written briefing that you can refer back to.

What do you want from me by way of application?

Please include:

  • Some brief background information about yourself
  • A summary of books that you’ve written and/or edited
  • Samples of your writing (or edited writing)
  • An indication of your areas of specialism
  • Your fee structure

What happens after I apply?

We’ll assess your application, confirm to you either way whether you’ve been accepted onto our list of approved editors or not and, if you have, get in touch when a suitable job arrives. At that point we’ll tell you what we’ll need from you, what the work entails and what our best offer of payment is. Then it’s for you to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’.

Sorry but we don’t need any more editors for the time being.