Book Tours

Book Tours

We’ll plan your route so that you don’t make any wrong turns!

Make your book tour count

Book tours are a great way of getting known as an author and acquiring many new readers. Make it so that people are actively seeking out your books; that’s the secret of success.

The trouble is that many book tours are only about getting you on the requisite number of sites, irrespective of whether those sites are active or relevant. If you’ve written a spy novel, there’s no point putting you on ten (or even ten thousand) ‘Romance’ blogs. Even just a single spy/crime blogstop would likely offer a better return on your investment. That may sound far-fetched but, as authors ourselves, we’ve seen this at first hand and that’s what’s made us determined to provide a superior service which you know will give you the most relevant exposure.

The devil’s in the detail

To make life easier for customers, we’ve created 3 different book tour services which we know (given what we’re providing) constitute excellent value for money. Remember, we aren’t just offering a ‘book tour’, we’re offering a RELEVANT book tour.

Remember, everything here is customisable and, if you don’t see quite what you want, just ask!

Bon Voyage!

Book Tours

There are three different services which we offer, although we’re always amenable to customizing. To place your order, simply click the button at the bottom of the table to go to the booking form. You’ll be able to select the specific service you require as well as supply us with relevant information about your book.

Description Bronze Silver Gold

Blog stops

10 Relevant stops
15 Relevant stops
20 Relevant stops

Radio interview

Radio show appearance

Reviews – detailed reviews of your book

Minimum of 1 independent review
Minimum of 3 independent reviews
Minimum of 5 independent reviews

Book launch

Push on our website, Facebook page and Twitter
Indefinite one-page advert on our website


1 hour consultation with a senior member of our team
Extra assistance and advice to help you throughout your tour


$595 $1,095 $1,895

E & OE

Notes (please seek clarification if you are uncertain of anything):

  1. We will place your book with blog operators who either specialise in your particular genre or who have no specific specialisation – i.e. they feature all types of book.
  2. Your independent review(s) will be written by professionals who will have read the book from cover to cover. A full and detailed assessment will be made (not just a couple of sentences) to our standard format and you will be welcome to make full use of this review afterwards (accreditation will be required). You’ll find specimen reviews on this site.
  3. “Extra assistance” means e-mail help with specific issues which arise as a result of the tour such as guidance with marketing, support article writing, interview preparation etc. Unlike the majority of tour operators, we’ll be with you every step of the way in order to make sure that it’s a real success.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

If any of the blog-stops are cancelled, we’ll offer you a replacement – either with the original stop or with an alternative site. Please just let us know as soon after the cancellation as possible, as we will need to contact the blog operator to ascertain the problem. In the event that we are unable to place you within an agreed period of time, we will offer you a free advert as a replacement.

Bronze Silver Gold
$595 $1,095 $1,895