Book Reviewers Wanted

Book Reviewers

Do you enjoy reading? Do you have an analytical mind? Maybe you already have a reviewer’s account on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, or operate your own writing/book related blog. If so, you could (and should) consider writing reviews for us.

If this describes you, we’d like to hear from you with the return promise that you’ll be asked to honestly review the books we place with you (as well as being paid for your time, of course!)

Note the word ‘honestly’. We’re not looking for sock-puppets – you know, the sort of person who’ll give a book five stars and just regurgitate a pre-written review that they’ve been given. That’s NOT what we’re about. However, we do have some constraints about thoroughness and being systematic. Certainly, there’s nothing in our conditions which could cause anyone to feel their code of ethics was being infringed. You will be paid for your time  producing professional assessments of each book.

Let’s explain what we’re looking for in more detail. This is how it works:

We’ll contact you with a book that we’d like you to review. It’ll be in a genre that you’re familiar with, and you’ll get a short synopsis of it along with the invitation.

If you accept, you’ll be asked to read the book and then honestly, fairly and objectively analyse your thoughts in accordance with our form (this merely standardises our reviews, it does not gag you or put words in your mouth).

That’s it. Now you just need to apply!

FAQ’s for Book Reviewers Wanted

Here are some specific FAQ’s for the Book Reviewers Wanted Jobs section:

How long do I commit for?

You commit on a book-by-book basis.

What if I can’t or don’t want to read a particular book?

Just be honest at the outset and we’ll wish you well and find someone else.

What are your rates of pay?

We prefer to pay on a specific book basis as it depends on a number of factors including word count (it’d be unfair to pay someone the same rate for reading a 10-page short story as 500-page blockbuster). All you’re agreeing to by signing up is to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we’ve settled on a deal with you. We are generous but we do expect a detailed review in return. Does that sound fair?

You really don’t put words in my mouth?

No! As we’ve said, you need to work your way systematically through our review form which asks you about characterisation, plot, settings, style etc. Apart from being thorough, it’s also specifically what we’ve promised our client so we need to deliver. The important thing is that it’s a serious attempt to minimise subjectivity and to maximise objectivity.

If you think you’d like to join us, we need to know that you’re happy to agree with this statement (this is the ‘acid test’):

“ It’s not a case of whether I like the book (I’m reviewing) or not, what matters is whether its target market will like it. ”

What if I don’t like the book?

The questions on our form will establish the reasons why you didn’t like it. Ultimately, what we’re looking for is objectivity; therefore, ‘liking’ is largely irrelevant while spotting discrepancies in style, picking up on poor editing, highlighting implausible plots, characters etc are all key.

Do I give ‘stars’ to the book?

No, we specifically DON’T want a star rating because we feel that it’s up to the individual reader to make their own decision. Your review is there to inform readers about the qualities of the book – do you see the difference?

Will I upload the review?

No, the review will be supplied to the author and reproduced in full on our website (subject to their permission). They have the right to reproduce any part of your review but they do not have any right to alter its content. If they choose not to reproduce your review, that’s their business. As long as you’ve provided a full and compliant review, you’ll get paid either way.

Is there a time limit for me to read the book in?

We will agree that with you at the time of placing the order with you.

Do you have any restrictions on my other reviews?

None whatsoever. You read and review what you want to.

What do you want from me by way of application?

Please just fill in the application form.

What happens after I apply?

We’ll assess your application, confirm to you either way whether you’ve been accepted onto our list of approved reviewers or not and, if you have, get in touch when a suitable job arrives. At that point we’ll tell you what we’ll need from you, what the work entails and what our best offer of payment is. Then it’s for you to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’.

Sorry but we don’t need any more book reviewers for the time being.