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Get your readers to download an autographed photo and boost your branding profile.

Autographed photo hosting – just $20!

With the e-book revolution, there are literally millions and millions of books out there for readers to choose from. Not only that, with many authors giving copies away for free, why should anyone actually part with cash anymore? There’s only one solution – get your readers to want to follow you.

Our autograph service could be just the tool you need.

Producing quality books that “keep ’em coming back for more” is vital, but so is personalisation. Why do you think the old film companies and musical agents were so keen to give signed photos away (and this is back in the days when they’d have to go out snail mail)? The psychology was simple – a signed photo branded the group/actor/singer etc and created a loyal fan. A loyal fan buys their star’s latest book/record or goes to see all their films/shows/concerts. It’s a no-brainer for helping your books to sell, especially when downloadable files can be accessed 24/7.

Creating loyal fans is a whole lot cheaper than lashing out for hit-and-miss expensive advertising – something these early film agents and production companies understood well, especially when it came to the launching of new stars and maintaining the fan-base of the more established ones.

Our service is traditional with a modern twist. We’ll turn your autographed photo into a full-size, professional-looking picture and host it on our site along with a direct link to where your books can be bought. Don’t worry, we take no part of your royalties – our fee is a flat ‘knock the photo into shape’ plus hosting charge.

Why not do the same on your own site? Well, we certainly think you should. But doing so here too could potentially expose you to a whole new audience!

Please bear in mind that this is a one-off payment – once your order’s been placed, that’s it (unless you decide to change your photo).

Process for creating an autographed photo for your readers:

    • You book and upload your photo and text.
    • We convert it, index it, upload it to our website along with your text and book link.
    • We send you a link to verify that the photo’s been uploaded.
    • The autographed photo will stay on the site until you say otherwise.*
    • You direct readers to the download link where they’ll find not only your picture but your bio and book link as well
    • OPTIONAL – change your book data, upload a new cover image, description, new book details etc (additional fee applicable).
      * While this is not the intention, in extreme cases, autograph photos may be removed at the discretion of ASB.

Autograph hosting rates

Hosting of autographed photo

Photo includes link to your chosen “Buy It Now” (BIN) page.

Hosting of autographed photo PLUS whole page advert (Save $10)

Photo includes link to your chosen “Buy It Now” (BIN) page.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

If we make a mistake, we’ll correct it until you’re happy with the finished product.