Author Interview

Author Interviews

Who says you only have to have 15 minutes of fame?

Your ticket to stardom

Letting your readers hear your voice in one of our carefully-structured and targeted interviews is the perfect way to brand your books and no form of advertising works as well as branding. Anyone in marketing knows that!

Once readers (old and new) identify and personalise you, no-one else’s books will do. That’s basic psychology and a fact which, together, we can put to your advantage. Combine composed charm, fascinating information and talented presentation skills and you’ve got a powerful ‘people magnet’.

An Any Subject Books author interview can be featured on your website or blog, linked to on Facebook, Tweeted, sent out as a press release, and/or made available to publishers and producers.

Reach new customers with a high-quality internet radio interview

While videos are great, they need a lot more work; backdrop, personal presentation etc. They also use a lot more bandwidth, which may well be an issue with readers using mobile devices. A radio-style interview is the simplest way of getting a personalised message out to your readers, ensuring that they identify with you and your work.

After all, the devil’s in the detail. That’s why we don’t just produce an author interview, we master it with the care and attention that your work deserves. With a company policy that treats every client as a star, you can’t go wrong with an Any Subject Books interview.

How it works

The process is very simple:

  1. The author books and pays for interview
  2. A list of questions is sent to the author
  3. The author completes as many questions as appropriate, adding more if required
  4. The completed questionnaire is returned to ASB
  5. The author is sent a list of dates and times to choose from
  6. An appointment is made and confirmed
  7. The interview is then conducted using telephone or VOIP (as agreed)
  8. ASB cleans up and enhances the file
  9. A copy of the finished interview is sent to the author
  10. The interview is announced on the ASB Facebook page and permanently hosted on the ASB website, along with a brief bio of the author

Author Interview Fees

Description Author Interview
Author internet radio interview including on-going publicity on the ASB website and Facebook pages as specified above $495

E & OE

Author Interview FAQ’s

What if I’m late?

Try not to be! If you’re running late, please endeavour to tell the interviewer. If you can’t or forget to, the interviewer will try to accommodate you by staying on later or by offering you another appointment time. Unfortunately we just can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to do either of these (although we will genuinely try to help) and your interview might regrettably end up being a bit truncated.

What if I miss my appointment?

If you miss your appointment altogether and have not given any notice, you may have to forfeit the full fee however we usually give a 50% credit against the rebooking. If the interviewer doesn’t mind, he or she may just reschedule without this levy but please understand that completely missing an appointment can mean that you may well forfeit the booking fee.

What if I want to reschedule – how much notice do you need?

Give as much notice as you can but an absolute minimum of 24 hours, please. Do not assume proof of sending an email is proof of the notice arriving; always ask for a read receipt or other acknowledgement. Even an email on the morning (if you’ve had to rush to hospital, for example) is better than nothing so please keep the interviewer in the loop at all times.

What if the line with the interviewer’s not clear enough and I have to ask (or be asked) for things to be said again?

Don’t worry about minor glitches – you’ll just be requested to repeat what you were saying and then we’ll sort it all out in the editing room afterwards. If it’s very bad, the interviewer will normally tell you that the quality’s becoming an issue and stop it at that point. This might be either a temporary thing (in need of a rescheduling) or (in a very few cases) an obvious and lasting ‘frustration’ which doesn’t appear to have a clear solution. In these exceptionally rare circumstances, we may decide to abandon the interview or offer you the choice of continuing at your own risk. If we cancel, we’ll refund you your payment in full as part of our ‘no quibble’ guarantee.

How long does it take to complete the editing?

Please allow us at least a week although we’ll try to get to it earlier if we can.

What editing do you do?

We’ll clean up the glitches, silences, repetition etc as best we can in order to produce a professional recording.

What format will the sound file be in?

You can choose mp3 or wav.

Can I keep the file?

Absolutely – it’s yours!

Will you promote it?

All interviews feature on our website and on our Facebook page where we create an event and invite people to attend it. Your interview will stay indefinitely on the company website.

How long does an interview last?

A typical interview lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. This gives the interviewer plenty of time to present you properly without risking over-running the attention span of your target audience.

Will I get to ‘meet’ the interviewer beforehand?

Yes, you’ll have a 5-minute chat with the interviewer before the interview starts so that you get a feel for the way things work and to help put you at ease.

What sort of person will the interviewer be?

You will be interviewed by someone who is experienced in both speaking publicly and also knowledgeable about the wonderful world of publishing. The function of the interviewer is to:

  • Put you at ease by being friendly and welcoming
  • Provide a vehicle for you to inform readers about you and your work
  • Stand in your shadow – you’re the star
  • Ask the pre-agreed questions clearly and then listen attentively to your responses
  • Be on-hand to come to your aid should you flounder

What about the questions?

Using our detailed pre-interview briefing form, we’ll carefully design questions that draw out the most interesting facets of both you, the author, and the book you’re promoting. Once we’ve agreed the questions, you’ll have a complete list of what you’re going to be asked.

What if we don’t get through all the questions?

Since we don’t know how chatty our guests are going to be, we tend to over-estimate the number of questions. Part of your ‘final approval’ is to denote a few ‘supersub’ questions which we’ll ask if we get time.

So, I don’t get asked ‘surprise’ questions?

No. This isn’t investigative journalism with some slippery politician on the hotspot. We’re having a friendly chat with someone who’s just written a new novel which we’re interested in knowing more about. Your interview should be a pleasant experience.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

We’ll give you a full refund (without any quibble) if we can’t agree appropriate and relevant questions with you or if the quality of the audio connection renders the interview impossible.

Description Author Interview
Author internet radio interview including on-going publicity on the ASB website and Facebook pages as specified above $495