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Any Subject Books – the company that publishes or helps you publish yourself

We work with you at every stage (if you want us to) from conception right the way through to marketing and distribution. Notice the absence of pictures of books in our image. That’s a deliberate choice because we feel that our relationship with you, the author, is the primary interest. Yes, of course we care about our books but we’ve got to understand you and your needs first. We don’t gloss over this and if you think that this is just an empty promise, read our testimonials (see ‘you say’ on the navigation bar) and you can read what authors like you had to say. Please note that these are genuine reviews, taken in context and offered without reward or incentive. Now to you, the author. We want to hear what you have to say – whether that be

  • I’m looking for a ghost-writer who can get it right first time.
  • I want to submit my novel to a publisher.
  • My book needs formatting for Kindle. Nook, Createspace etc
  • I’d like a book cover designed.
  • How do I increase my book sales?
  • Can you organise me an author’s blog tour?

… and so on.

Please note that none of our services require you to relinquish your independence as a writer, nor will we ask for any portion of your royalties.

We’ve got just about everything you need to be a success.

Our full range of book publishing services. Click on the link for more information and prices:

You’ll find our prices, service coverage and booking forms on these pages – everything is there out in the open to be read. Can’t find what you want or want to do a deal? If so, make us an offer or put together a package of things that you want and we’ll do a deal with you.

That’s how we are – approachable.

Our business is all about customer service as it should be – everything from the promise of not trying to sell unnecessary services to our ‘No Quibble’ guarantee of quality.

Contact us – we want to hear from you.

From us all at Any Subject Books