Book submissions

Book submissions

Are you a writer?

Do you have a book or two which you’ve been trying to sell or which you know that you won’t have time to promote properly? Too many people think that it’s just a simple case of uploading their file to Amazon and waiting for a large cheque (or check) to arrive.

Here’s a secret – it doesn’t work that way.

So, why not let us publish your book for you?

Without giving away all of our tricks, here are some of the many things we offer for writers who choose to submit their work to Any Subject Books:

  • Optimisation of text, tags, teaser – the whole shooting match
  • Cross-promotion from other books of a similar genre
  • Increased reviews through greater exposure
  • A bigger advertising budget
  • Getting compilations together (this means getting into Amazon’s 70% commission area)
  • Social media networking
  • Commission-based outworkers

Don’t miss out on your big chance

If we take on your book, we will pay you half of the money we receive from Amazon in respect of its sales. There is no fee attached to sending us your book, our processing it or publishing it; although we do insist that it comes to us:

  • Checked for accuracy
  • Devoid of spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Clearly set out in terms of chapter breaks etc

… and generally in a condition whereby it is ready to publish.

A full range of other services (such as editing or reviewing) can be provided – just click on this link to see the other publishing services which we can offer.

Send in your manuscript or manuscript idea today for a no-obligation decision on whether we will represent you. Please note our code of practice, which promises a timely and polite response to every bona-fide submission. We’re the book publisher that means it when they promise to respond!

Please note that we recommend you run your idea by us (along with a sample of your creative writing) before you start writing. This will allow us to give you some pointers and an ‘in principle’ decision as to whether we will represent either you or the book you are producing.

Don’t forget to download a copy of our Instructions on how to present your book

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About us

Any Subject Books is a top book publisher company which provides a full range of competitively-priced services to the self-publishing author such as cover design, editing, formatting, brainstorming, marketing, direct selling, interviewing, arranging blog tours, producing book trailer videos and allocating ISBN’s. All of our work is undertaken by real people who care about the quality of the finished book, and that care translates to more sales for our authors.