Write what you know about


Write about what you know.

It’s a message which has been repeated over and over again but you’ll still find authors out there trying to do it. Being ‘Tricky-Dicky’ as my other half would put it. Just as the infamous ‘Tricky-Dicky’ didn’t get away with it (good try but no cigar), the authors who think that they can skip over details, fudge ignorance or adjust the laws of man and nature to suit their story’s plot, don’t get away with it either.

I’ll go one further. From the perspective of both a publisher and a reader, it’s a far better experience to read a simple story that’s been done to perfection than struggle through a complex plot written by someone who clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. The old adage about fool’s opening their mouths and removing any doubts regarding their cerebral capacity comes to mind.

This is today’s message. Say what you know and know what you say. Your confidence will shine through and, while it may not be the most stunning piece of prose to ever be written, it will (at least) be correct.

If you’re thinking “What’s this person raving about?” then you need to a) question your own standards and b) spend a happy hour reading the forum posts on something like IMDB.

Writing is a learning experience. You write, you learn, and then you write about what you’ve learnt.