Cybercrime – The Madness Behind the Methods by Rick White

Cybercrime - The Madness Behind the Methods by Rick White

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“The down and dirty on cybercrime”

What are you doing to protect yourself from cybercrime? Are you pinning all your hopes on throwing resources at the problem or are you lying low somewhere quiet and just hoping its dark tendrils won’t envelope you?

Understand this – everyone is affected by cyber-crime and neither buying ever more expensive and technically complex protection nor going into denial are going to protect you; not for a single second. Heck, you don’t even need a computer or other techy gadget to get caught up in it.

By following the advice given in this book, you will become better armed, better able to defend yourself and better able to remove the target from your back. In one of my favorite words, you will become prickly.

But I don’t leave it there. This is a no-holds barred ride through the minds of the criminals – what makes them tick, why are they able to do it, and how can they be stopped? There are interviews with real-life hackers and cyber-bullies as well as a chat I had with a former member of the FBI cyber-crimes division.

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Cyber-crime: The madness behind the methods rips aside the conventional ‘us and them’ views by entering the minds of the cyber-criminals themselves. Knowledge is your greatest weapon and that is what this book is giving you: in an easy to read and digest format so that no prior knowledge of computers, the internet and technology is necessary.

Beat the hacker, the social engineer, the cyber-stalker, the sexual predator and the cyber-bully by walking in their shoes, seeing through their eyes and then closing your door in front of them.

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