The Decline and Fall of IBM by Robert Cringely

The Decline and Fall of IBM

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Word count (approximate pages) 70,700 (231)
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End of an American icon?

IBM is in trouble. The iconic computer company is having trouble adapting to the 21st century. Management is in denial and Wall Street has been fooled by financial numbers that can’t be sustained.

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All the while more than 400,000 IBM employees are living in fear. High tech pundit Robert Cringely explains how this came about and how IBM can still be saved.

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Top Ten Best Selling Tips Of All Time

Top Ten Best Selling Tips

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 Word count (approximate pages) 5,200 (42)
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Maximize your Return On Effort!

Do you want to sell more? Then buy this book! These 10 Best Selling Tips of All Time, plus 15 bonus tips will improve your selling skills. Complete the exercises in the book and start selling and persuading more effectively. These practical tips are the best of the best selected from hundreds of publications and thousands of conversations with successful sales people and customers.

These tips work and they are taught in the Harvard Extension graduate program. Philip Kotler, marketing guru, calls this book “A treasure chest of marketing and sales checklists and ideas.”

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Turning one lost customer around could pay for this book hundreds of times over.

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Major recruitment campaign for writers

Get the champers ready!

Monday, 28th May, 2012 sees Any Subject Books launch a major press campaign to recruit new writers. Putting together how many people there are out of work and how many natural-born storytellers there must be, it’s a no-brainer for us to say we’d love to hear from them.

We’re also looking to recruit students as writers. Don’t worry about it interefering with your studies as we’ll even accept short stories (5,000 words plus) to put together into a compilation which we can market.

If that describes you (or you have some time on your hands), don’t let the fact that you’re not a published author put you off. As you’ll see from our other pages, we’ve had our fill of rude literary agencies who can’t even be bothered to acknowledge your existence or, if they do, merely glance at your name, decide you’re no-one famous and send out a dismissive rejection letter.

Well, that’s not us.

Just think of how the cash could help. Not only that, get a book up and selling and you’ve got an income for life. You’ve seen those dubious ads that promise such things? Well, this is the real deal.

And you don’t need to be someone famous, either. We’re not chasing after the autobiography of some politician’s secretary who says they had an affair (well, there’s a shock-and-a-half) nor do you have to have climbed Everest backwards. No, you just need a cracking yarn and the ability to tell it.

So, you might ask, why bother with you and your agency’s deductions when I can publish it direct myself? Well, the answer to that is that most authors who upload a single book never make a sale. All that work for nothing or the best part, thereof. We optimize your title, your description, sample text, and, using campaigns like we’ve got running for writer recruitment and for our high-selling female-erotic author, Melissa Harding. You’ve also got the cross-promotion of all of our other books pushing yours forwards.

Could you follow in Melissa Harding’s stiletto-shaped footsteps?

One catch – you must meet our high standards for spelling and grammar.

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell us yours.

Find a job and get it

Find a job and get it

 Principal category Business
 Word count (approximate pages) 2,500 (15)
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Take charge of those job interviews!

Have you ever sat in a job interview wishing that the ground would open up in front of you? You know with absolute confidence that you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting an offer so why wait and prolong the agony?

I was like that once, a long time ago. After a particularly unpleasant session (for which I was unsurprisingly unsuccessful), I started piecing together some rules about applying for jobs and how to handle myself in the interview. It was a mish-mash of psychology, body language, ‘primed’ questions (expecting the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’) and good preparation.

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Years of working as a director of a national recruitment agency honed these rules into six basic ones. If you follow these, in most cases (I can’t give you a 100% guarantee – sorry), you will be the pro-active element in the interview and this will let you take the lead. Once you have this, you can control the interview questions and this means that you can get yourself seen in the best possible light. Additionally, it will demonstrate real leadership qualities.

That dream job is just a couple of clicks away!

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