The Unruly Princess And Other Stories

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The Unruly Princess & Other StoriesThe Unruly Princess is one of six stories in this collection which is aimed at children aged 4 to 12. All these charming tales have been written by a qualified and experienced Montessori teacher and they have a strong bias towards the natural world.

The intention is that older children can read the stories unaided while younger ones will enjoy having them read aloud – especially at bedtime. Not only are the tales entertaining, they are also designed to provoke discussions, fact-finding missions and general interest in the environment and creatures around us.

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“Lucy pretended not to be interested at first, but before long her enthusiasm couldn’t be contained any longer. This was the ideal den: ready-made, the perfect size, and full of shelves and hooks. She would make it into an Aladdin’s Cave. She announced that no-one was to even peek into the cupboard until she told them to, and began the first of many trips up and down stairs fetching all her trinkets and ornaments: strings of beads, ribbons, plastic animals, artificial flowers, Christmas decorations … She was a real squirrel, and these were the nuts hoarded over several years.

She hung her beads and ribbons from the hooks, draping them this way and that from one hook to another to create a complicated web of colour. Some of the beads were bright, translucent glass ones so that in the gloom of the cupboard they shone dully until a stray ray of light woke a spark of peacock blue or amber in their hearts. She lined the shelves thickly with anything and everything shiny or colourful and preferably both. There was no theme other than the aesthetic pleasure provided by fortuitious juxtapositions of colour and form. A plaster pig was flanked by a conch shell and a cut glass perfume bottle; a brass eagle from the top of the grandfather clock stared into the depths of a plastic rose.”

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Stories Are Us - for a complete range of childrens stories in audio format


Stories Are Us – for a complete range of childrens stories in audio format

Her Shaming by Melissa Harding

Her shaming

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,200 (30)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

Bess is in a mess – she’s gone too far this time

Her Shaming follows the tale of Bess and Raoul. Set against a medieval backdrop, Raoul, the handsome lord of the castle, undertakes the not insignificant job of taming the beautiful and tempestuous Bess whom, in accordance with local custom, he has recently captured and married. Bess, however, is used to having things her own way and, even though Raoul insists on strict obedience, her own will gets in the way.

Through circumstances out of Bess’ control which lead her to be both disobedient and dishonest, she incurs Raoul’s wrath – something not to be taken lightly

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not completely satisfied

While Raoul’s love for his new bride means that he doesn’t want to hurt her over and above his normal spanking of her naked bottom, this calls for something special. He must be seen by his subjects to be administering the most severe of punishments but such a punishment would be more than he could bear giving Bess.

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Spanking Chronicles: Compendium No 2

Spanking Chronicles - Compendium 2

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 41,600 (120)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $4.50

The second half of the ‘Training Betty’ series PLUS a great free book – His Word Is Law

Get “Cherish & Obey”, “Betty’s Mentor” and “Betty’s Humiliation” (books 4, 5 and 6 of the immensely popular ‘Training Betty’ series PLUS the first book in the “Raoul and Bess” series which are set during medieval times.
But how will it end with Betty? Will her tongue get her bottom into more trouble than it can handle and will her love for Michael be strengthened by the firm hand he’s taking to her?

All Melissa’ books are fun reads. Her heroines are strong women who know what they want in a man. They also have a wicked sense of humour so read one and find out.

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not satisfied.

Save $1.50 (the price of an individual book) by buying the compendium like this.

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His Word Is Law by Melissa Harding


 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,200 (30)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

The tale of the mighty Raoul and his headstrong bride, Bess, begins here!

His Word Is Law is an erotic historical romance set in medieval times. It’s also the first in the ‘Raoul and Bess’ series of books penned by bestselling erotica writer, Melissa Harding.

Bess is a wild and free-spirited creature who is taken captive by the powerful Raoul, the lord of the local castle. In accordance with custom, having captured her, he marries her but Bess’ spirit and natural sassy attitude can’t be pinned down so easily and she constantly rebels against her true love and captor.

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not completely satisfied

As a result of this disobedience, and concerned about how her behavior might be perceived by his subjects, Raoul is compelled to severely punish Bess, soundly spanking her when she doesn’t comply with his instructions. Raoul’s disciplinary measures are intended to bring Bess into line but not to crush the will of the girl he fell hopelessly in love with from afar. Will he tame Bess, though?

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Independent Review by

“His Word Is Law is a simply told, erotic punishment novella which is easy to get into and promises an edgy yet ultimately endearing tale. The heroine and ‘her master’ are engaging, believable characters who exist in an overtly patriarchal culture. This story is something that you can hop into bed with or soak with in the bathtub (if you are that brave with your kindle) and dive right into as a small guilty pleasure.”

Western books

The heyday of the Western was undoubtedly in the period from Tom Mix to Sergio Leone but the genre continues to be popular. There are still many who love the high-octane combination of romance, grit, adventure and drama that a good Western can provide. Once the Hollywood anachronism of ‘Cowboys and Indians’ was shot to pieces, storytellers were able to concentrate on creating some superlative ‘bad guys’ (which is what everyone loves reading about, after all).

So, could you do the same? Could you capture the true Wild West and make it come alive with tales of hold-ups, train robberies, rustling, gold-prospecting, the wars with the Native Americans etc?

A Postcard From Umbria (illustrated)

A postcard from Umbria

 Principal category Travel
 Word count (approximate pages) 12,500 (42)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $0.99

Italy – an expat’s view

A postcard from Umbria is an anthology of articles written by an experienced author describing her and her husband’s exploits as they emigrate nearly 2,000 km due south – a journey which takes them from the UK to the Umbria region of central Italy. Before they can live in their new house, they have to spend six fruitless hours in front of a Notary because the vendor had built an extension without planning permission and then their removal men knock down the gate pier and get snowed in. Later they relocate within Italy to a house built on the site of another house destroyed by an earthquake. It has been left abandoned and needs some very ingenious restoration.

Along the way, there are snippets about hunters, the limited Italian diet, the bitterly cold winters, and vivid descriptions of native wildlife such as wild boar, snakes, butterflies and porcupines.

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not satisfied.

There is plenty of humour, pathos, and wit in the articles which paint a fascinating, if somewhat different picture to that portrayed by television crews in whose world the sun always shines (when temperatures down to -12C are the norm in winter) and the olive oil crop is ‘liquid gold’ (when the reality is that the cost of labour picking the olives and then pressing them grossly exceeds their value for most landowners).

Alongside the text are numerous photographs taken by the author who is also a keen natural history photographer.

Although ‘A postcard from Umbria’ is a very unique and personal account of two British expats who moved to Italy, it is also a valuable source of advice for anyone considering making the move.

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Betty’s Humiliation – An Erotica Romance

Betty's Humiliation

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,400 (36)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

What will Betty get up to next and will she get her comeuppance?

You simply must read part 6 of the hugely popular Training of Betty series. This outing sees our heroine struggling to cope with the visit of her husband’s aunt – the same one who tried to ruin Betty’s wedding day with her acid tongue. Michael, tells Betty that she must welcome the old harridan and ensure that she has a good time during the week of her stay – all this on pain of a severe spanking should she fail. She will also have to confess her misdeeds to the mentor Michael recently engaged and also at the dreaded O-Bay club.

He also threatens her with the humiliation of being punished in front of, or even by, his aunt!

Insider View – read the first chapter as a PDF completely free-of-charge

Unfortunately for Betty, the aunt is determined to criticise and undermine everything Betty does which, combined with Betty’s sense of mischief means that some strict disciplinary measures are going to be required. However, things don’t quite work out the way any of them expected …

Aside from the erotic and romantic nature of this book, you will also find plenty of humor and drama.

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Wild Goose & Queen Anne’s Lace Compendium

Queen Anne's Lace & Green Tree Compendium

Principal category Family Drama
Word count (approximate pages) 111,600 (300)
In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

Two great novels at a reduced price!

Queen Anne’s Lace opens just after the death of the father of the family. Isabel, his wife, is feeling purposeless and seeks solace in a nearby convent. The short stay opens her eyes to a new way of life and she becomes convinced that the life of a nun would give her the direction that she is now lacking. Besides starting down the path towards becoming one, she decides to gift the family cottage to the convent.

This decision does not sit so well with her three children …

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not satisfied.

Wild Goose is the story of Jemima, a young girl growing up at the home of her grandparents in rural East Anglia. Her widowed father is an Oxford don who reads literature and sees that as the natural career progression for his daughter. Jemima’s talents lie in a different direction and, despite her father’s clumsy attempts to gently but firmly guide her down the path he followed, she takes a strong interest in the natural world.

Underlying the seemingly tranquil world that she lives in, there is a dark and growing alienation between father and daughter. Jemima wants to please him but she can’t and this internal conflict erupts during her school exams which she flunks and then attempts suicide by drowning in her beloved sea.

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Betty’s Mentor

Betty's Mentor

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,800 (34)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

Betty gets a new teacher

Part 5 of the Training of Betty series has our couple just returned from their Spanish honeymoon but Betty is now facing the consequences of her last minute lie to her husband, Michael. He waits to see what his O-Bay club members have to say about his new wife’s behaviour and how she should best be punished.

Betty’s consequent spanking leads to even stricter disciplinary measures to be called for.

Michael decides to invest a fellow (and more senior) club member, Jude, with the status of mentor, and Jude makes it his business to get Betty into line by whatever means he feels necessary.

Buy in confidence – full ‘No Quibble’ refund if not satisfied.

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