The Talking Tree

The Talking Tree

Principal category Children’s stories
Word count (approximate pages) 1,700 (5)
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A short story for children

Michael is a young boy who is fascinated by the myths and legends surrounding Robin Hood. One day, while very upset, he runs into the forest and meets a tree that can talk. The tree befriends him and describes what it’s like to be a tree and how the annual cycle of living and dying is so very different from the life of us humans.

This is a beautifully written short story for children – either for them to read themselves or to be read to. It instils a love of nature and ecology while maintaining a sense of human adventure and self-discovery.

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Skolthan – A Paranormal Thriller


 Principal category Horror
 Word count (approximate pages) 66,600 (200)
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Can the evil warlock be stopped in time?

Hilda lives alone and hermit-like in an old cottage in an estuarine area of the coast.

By means of a secret path, she can gain access to an Eden-like world called Skolthan which is beyond the realm of our earthly one. If she had been the sole possessor of this knowledge, Skolthan would have been safe but she isn’t and there are dark forces afoot who would corrupt and spoil the new world as part of their exploitation of its powers.

Hilda’s arch-nemesis is her ex-husband, now a powerful warlock who plans to access Skolthan by means of a ritual sacrifice. He is aided by Alice, his evil side-kick who visibly masquerades as a district mid-wife.

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The object of Hilda’s struggle is to save the mother and child who are destined to be slaughtered and also to protect the island from irreparable damage at the hands of the evil-doers. Will she succeed and, if so, at what price?

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