The Missing Children by Anna O’Hare

The Missing Children

 Principal category Crime
 Word count (approximate pages) 73,500 (189)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

Where have all the children gone?

Benjamin Morris has taken a sabbatical year in order to write a novel but finds himself unable to make progress until a series of events – his brother’s funeral, saving a child from drowning, falling in love, leaving his wife and moving in with his mistress – unleash his energies and he is able to write long days in a dusty attic.

His idyll is shattered when he finds that his mistress has no particular regard for him and his little boy has been kidnapped. He sets off on an odyssey to find the child in the company of Stuart Orson, a long-standing friend who is suffering from a combat-induced mental ailment and whom he rescues from an institution where he is being forced into compliance with uncontrolled doses of sedative.

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Benjamin gives unexpected priority, on their travels, to contacting the actor and author whom he felt were responsible for the screen version betrayal of his favourite book, while at the same time we begin to notice the shadowy nature of Orson who never exactly engages with anyone.

At last they track Adam’s abductors down to Whitby, where ghost children have been seen and no child survives beyond the age of ten. In a house of horrors they make a horrendous discovery.

What will now become of the two friends, Morris and Orson? The book goes full circle when Benjamin is seen making the very same hardware purchases as his brother did, back at the beginning, when he was preparing for his suicide.

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Haunted – Four Tales Of Obsession

Haunted - Four Tales Of Obsession

 Principal category Short stories
 Word count (approximate pages) 11,300 (31)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

Four gripping tales you won’t be able to put down

These very contemporary short stories each revolve around a unique situation which is gradually revealed as the story unfolds, involving us in the protagonist’s experience of discovery.

From the Amy Winehouse devotee to the mentally unstable arsonist, and from the old man aroused by tears to the student who finds herself at the mercy of a bizarre experiment, we are pulled in by the power of the story-telling.

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Each in their own way, these are memorable and thought-provoking stories, but they are also highly enjoyable.

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The Road

The Road

Principal category Crime
Word count (approximate pages) 157,000 (532)
In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $3.00

Every crime has a victim!

This novel is set about the fictitious town of Stockton and involves the building of a new road – an event which brings out the worst in an array of differing characters with equally different agendas.

Corruption is as old as the hills but many people don’t or won’t see that even the smallest ‘bad cough’ or ‘patting of one’s back pocket’ can have far-reaching consequences. If you think we’ve got a democracy, this book will open your eyes to what really goes on. Yet, despite that, it is not political – it’s a very human tale of how the countryside is being exploited for everyone’s gain. Everyone, that is, except the public.

Henry, our main character, is a town planner. He has a miserable marriage, children who just see him as a no-limit credit card, and a toadying boss who is obsessed with pointless minutiae and the feathering of his own nest through social climbing. One day Henry spots an opportunity for escape and …

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Along the way, we meet the family whose dream house in the country loses its adjacent green fields in return for acquiring the family from hell as neighbours. We also get to understand why a waste disposal worker might turn a blind eye to the tipping of some asbestos, and how the law can be taken advantage of to make money.

We also meet someone who manages to turn personal tragedy into a new beginning.

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You will find humour, disaster, greed, lust, sloth and just about every sin and emotion you care to imagine.

The Road is a blockbuster story with many dramatic turns. It is based on extensive personal experience and, although the characters are not directly related to any one individual, they are realistic.

Buy ‘The Road’ and be prepared to laugh, cry, and bash the living daylights out of a cushion or pillow as you seethe with rage at some of the injustices.

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Skolthan – A Paranormal Thriller


 Principal category Horror
 Word count (approximate pages) 66,600 (200)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

Can the evil warlock be stopped in time?

Hilda lives alone and hermit-like in an old cottage in an estuarine area of the coast.

By means of a secret path, she can gain access to an Eden-like world called Skolthan which is beyond the realm of our earthly one. If she had been the sole possessor of this knowledge, Skolthan would have been safe but she isn’t and there are dark forces afoot who would corrupt and spoil the new world as part of their exploitation of its powers.

Hilda’s arch-nemesis is her ex-husband, now a powerful warlock who plans to access Skolthan by means of a ritual sacrifice. He is aided by Alice, his evil side-kick who visibly masquerades as a district mid-wife.

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The object of Hilda’s struggle is to save the mother and child who are destined to be slaughtered and also to protect the island from irreparable damage at the hands of the evil-doers. Will she succeed and, if so, at what price?

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Hobson’s Choice & 15 other twist in the tail stories

Hobson's Choice

 Principal category Short Stories
 Word count (approximate pages) 49,000 (160)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

You won’t see the twists coming

Here are 16 short stories which will have you thinking, clenching your teeth, tut-tutting and laughing. With a charming selection of genuinely venomous and duplicitous characters, self-seekers, jealous neighbours, and other no-gooders, you will be spoilt for choice about who and when to boo. Not only that, the stories have real twists in them – you think you’ve got it sussed and it turns out that your conclusion was too hastily arrived at.

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The title story is bound to have an effect on you. Its style and content are original and, without wishing to give it away, it’s that part which will leave you troubled. It’s certainly a story to re-read, too, as you will get even more things out of it second time around.

Stories like The Watcher or the much gentler Lost will catch you out with their endings while A Good Education and Moving Up will have you booing and hissing at the main protagonists.

In all the stories, you will find humour, pathos, a strong and plausible plot and well-developed characters.

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