Nettie’s Quest by Clare Mishica

Nettie's Quest

Principal category Children
Word count (approximate pages) 29,700 (80)
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You’ve got to be bats not to love Nettie!

Nettie is a young bat with no belief at all in her own abilities and a terminal fear of everything. Despite being sweet and well-meaning, she earns the enmity of the leader of the bat colony who also happens to be the resident bully – Cleo. It is Cleo who challenges her to the impossible feat of bringing back a dog.

Enter Weber, a half-starved furry giant of a dog who is chained up and only interested in food. However he is no match for Nettie once she spots his potential and starts rousing him.

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Will these two highly unlikely companions be friends? Can Nettie stir a canine mountain into action and take him to the little boy, back where she used to live, whose one and only wish is to have a dog? Will things ever go right for either of them?

This is a heart-warming story with a real heroine, enlivened by well-informed descriptions of the natural world.

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The Unruly Princess And Other Stories

More information about the book

The Unruly Princess & Other StoriesThe Unruly Princess is one of six stories in this collection which is aimed at children aged 4 to 12. All these charming tales have been written by a qualified and experienced Montessori teacher and they have a strong bias towards the natural world.

The intention is that older children can read the stories unaided while younger ones will enjoy having them read aloud – especially at bedtime. Not only are the tales entertaining, they are also designed to provoke discussions, fact-finding missions and general interest in the environment and creatures around us.

Sample text

“Lucy pretended not to be interested at first, but before long her enthusiasm couldn’t be contained any longer. This was the ideal den: ready-made, the perfect size, and full of shelves and hooks. She would make it into an Aladdin’s Cave. She announced that no-one was to even peek into the cupboard until she told them to, and began the first of many trips up and down stairs fetching all her trinkets and ornaments: strings of beads, ribbons, plastic animals, artificial flowers, Christmas decorations … She was a real squirrel, and these were the nuts hoarded over several years.

She hung her beads and ribbons from the hooks, draping them this way and that from one hook to another to create a complicated web of colour. Some of the beads were bright, translucent glass ones so that in the gloom of the cupboard they shone dully until a stray ray of light woke a spark of peacock blue or amber in their hearts. She lined the shelves thickly with anything and everything shiny or colourful and preferably both. There was no theme other than the aesthetic pleasure provided by fortuitious juxtapositions of colour and form. A plaster pig was flanked by a conch shell and a cut glass perfume bottle; a brass eagle from the top of the grandfather clock stared into the depths of a plastic rose.”

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Stories Are Us

Stories Are Us - for a complete range of childrens stories in audio format


Stories Are Us – for a complete range of childrens stories in audio format

The Talking Tree

The Talking Tree

Principal category Children’s stories
Word count (approximate pages) 1,700 (5)
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A short story for children

Michael is a young boy who is fascinated by the myths and legends surrounding Robin Hood. One day, while very upset, he runs into the forest and meets a tree that can talk. The tree befriends him and describes what it’s like to be a tree and how the annual cycle of living and dying is so very different from the life of us humans.

This is a beautifully written short story for children – either for them to read themselves or to be read to. It instils a love of nature and ecology while maintaining a sense of human adventure and self-discovery.

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