Haunted – Four Tales Of Obsession

Haunted - Four Tales Of Obsession

 Principal category Short stories
 Word count (approximate pages) 11,300 (31)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $1.50

Four gripping tales you won’t be able to put down

These very contemporary short stories each revolve around a unique situation which is gradually revealed as the story unfolds, involving us in the protagonist’s experience of discovery.

From the Amy Winehouse devotee to the mentally unstable arsonist, and from the old man aroused by tears to the student who finds herself at the mercy of a bizarre experiment, we are pulled in by the power of the story-telling.

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Each in their own way, these are memorable and thought-provoking stories, but they are also highly enjoyable.

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Spanking Chronicles: Compendium No 1

Spanking Chronicles - Compendium 1

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 47,100 (133)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $4.50

The first three ‘Betty’ books PLUS a sizzling standalone

Get Betty’s Boot Camp, Two’s Company and the O-Bay club from the immensely popular ‘Betty’ series along with a free gift of Sex Games, a racy and definitely saucy standalone. Melissa Harding says it as is, combining romance, humor and plenty of spanking action.

Betty, struggling to be the ideal wife to her new husband, Michael, finds her indomitable spirit and wicked sense of humor don’t do her any favors in the punishment department. Desperate to bring his unruly wife under some form of control, Michael joins the ‘O-Bay Club’ where such bad behaviour is (more than) frowned upon. Will it persuade Betty, though?

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Sex Games is, as its name suggests, a wicked romp as Helen, recovering from concussion, gradually rediscovers her sexuality – big time! The trouble is, will her boyfriend stand the pace?

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Hobson’s Choice & 15 other twist in the tail stories

Hobson's Choice

 Principal category Short Stories
 Word count (approximate pages) 49,000 (160)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

You won’t see the twists coming

Here are 16 short stories which will have you thinking, clenching your teeth, tut-tutting and laughing. With a charming selection of genuinely venomous and duplicitous characters, self-seekers, jealous neighbours, and other no-gooders, you will be spoilt for choice about who and when to boo. Not only that, the stories have real twists in them – you think you’ve got it sussed and it turns out that your conclusion was too hastily arrived at.

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The title story is bound to have an effect on you. Its style and content are original and, without wishing to give it away, it’s that part which will leave you troubled. It’s certainly a story to re-read, too, as you will get even more things out of it second time around.

Stories like The Watcher or the much gentler Lost will catch you out with their endings while A Good Education and Moving Up will have you booing and hissing at the main protagonists.

In all the stories, you will find humour, pathos, a strong and plausible plot and well-developed characters.

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