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We carefully screen all of our authors so we’re entirely confident that each and every one of them has star potential. That said, here are the ones which we feel are really demonstrating to us that they’ve already started rising to the top of their profession.

We’re proud that they are signed up to work for Any Subject Books.

Roll of Honour

Melissa Harding

Melissa writers female erotic literature as well as turning her hand to sex-related non-fiction. She’s keen to promote the idea that women should play a very active (or even pro-active) role in both┬ásex games and actual intercourse. Check out her ‘Betty’s Training’ series which are all about our heroine and how her bottom comes into the line of fire with a high level of frequency. She’s also written about becoming a webcam model.

Melissa's blog

About Us

Any Subject Books is a top book publisher company which provides a full range of competitively-priced services to the self-publishing author such as cover design, editing, formatting, brainstorming, marketing, direct selling, interviewing, arranging blog tours, producing book trailer videos and allocating ISBN’s. All of our work is undertaken by real people who care about the quality of the finished book and that care translates to more sales for our authors.