Tips on writing erotica from Misty Wells


If people wanted the ‘p’ stuff, this is where they’d go.

Here are some tips on writing erotica from Misty Wells. Enjoy!

The Basics

Yes, the purpose of your story is primarily to arouse, but people also read erotica to escape into a fantasy world. To create an effective one, you’ll need a little more than a few dirty words and some naughty situations. Along with your graphic, steamy scenes, a solid plot and well developed characters will get you a long way.

Spellcheck Is Your Friend

Erotica may have a different purpose to other genres, but the basic rules of writing still apply. Check your spelling. Be careful with your grammar. Once you’re done with your first draft, edit, edit, edit, and ALWAYS have someone proofread your work for anything you may have missed. Sloppy writing is unappealing and unsexy. Ask people for feedback, and listen to it; there is always room for improvement.

Don’t Be Bashful

Though erotica isn’t p^^n, it still needs to be naughty and very rude – there really is no room for shyness! Don’t be afraid to use words you would never usually use, or write about things that you’ve never experienced. You might feel a little awkward, giggly or self-conscious at first, but you’ll stop blushing soon enough. You could even explore some of your own fantasies…


As with all writing, it’s important to do your research. If you have no personal experience of a certain act you want to write about, the internet will be more than happy to help (remember rule 34.) You might even find yourself looking up some run-of-the-mill stuff, like what one of your character’s jobs involves, for example. Boring, yes, but if you want a good story it’s still essential.

Take Your Work Seriously!

Yes, writing dirty stories can be awkward at times. Sprinkling a bit of humour into your work is fine, but don’t write it in inappropriately, don’t make a scene comic to ease any awkwardness you might feel whilst writing it, and please, please don’t try to make jokes with the reader. They want smut, not one-liners.

Don’t Try To Emulate the Ups and Downs of Real Sex

Foot cramp, false starts, not really being in the mood… just don’t go there. I’ll trust you to know why.

Watch Your Dialogue

Dirty talk from your characters is good. Great, even. But make it dirty. Don’t use terms like ‘penis’ or ‘vagina.’ Make good use of the harder words – your readers want a naughty experience. Curse, be rude, lose your inhibitions and your characters will too. Romantic dialogue is fine, but make sure there’s a sexy edge to it – you don’t want more cheese than a mouse’s treat cupboard.

Avoid Clichés

As with all writing, keep it exciting. Mix it up and let your imagination run away with you. Don’t use unimaginative similes or metaphors. If the last five books you read all have a scene containing the same act, don’t use it in your story. If you want to write something in but haven’t seen anything similar in anything else you’ve read, then brilliant! All the more reason to use it.

Lastly – Read Other Erotica

Not only will this feed you ideas for your own work, it’ll also give you a better idea of the styles and techniques generally used in erotic writing. In any genre, the best writers are the most avid readers; erotica is no exception.