Taste Of Submission

Taste of Submission by Misty Wells

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 44,900 (150)
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This collection includes all four books: First Taste, Taste of Possession, Taste For Danger and After Taste.

Taste of Submission is the omnibus edition of the Disciplining Mia series. These emotionally driven erotic novellas chronicle the journey of young artist Mia as she discovers her submissive streak and herself. In her day to day life, she runs a successful and lucrative business with her partner Rafe and their employee Luna. It is only behind closed doors that she allows herself to submit to their strict domination, sexual teasing and merciless discipline.

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Mia’s quest is not an easy one. Along the way she encounters jealousy, confusion, and spankings she can hardly bear; but the unconditional trust she places in Rafe and the protection he offers her in turn keep her safe enough to carry on. Luna mentors her throughout, coaxing her submission out of her in the beginning and ensuring she continues to expose and explore herself as her journey continues.

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