Golden apples of a dream

Ripening persimmons

Ripening persimmons

I once wrote a poem about picking apples and likened the topmost, unreachable apples to the ‘golden apples of a dream’.

The fruits in the photo are smooth, golden, dreamlike – and reachable since the tree is still quite small.

Golden apples feature  in Greek and Norse mythology and are believed to refer variously to quinces, tomatoes and oranges; not persimmons. Ah well.

Our persimmons are of the astringent variety which are only edible when ripe and gloopy.

A few of them are sitting in a bag to ripen alongside some ripe apples while the rest are unashamedly serving as ornaments.

They really are the perfect winter ornaments because the leaves turn coppery red and set off the orange globes.

There’s a different, non-astringent variety of persimmon which I tasted today – absolutely delicious. Like melon only sweeter.