Coming Home by Lola Blake

Coming Home

Principal category Romance
Word count (approximate pages) 55,700 (150)
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Can Sara find happiness or will her past consume her?

Sara has returned to her beachside home in Melbourne from a mental institution where she was receiving treatment after an apparent suicide attempt. Day by day we follow her convalescence and her attempt to reintegrate into her old life.

Thanks to the income of her husband, David, Sara is a woman of leisure, but she has a price to pay. The marriage is loveless and David is unfaithful, yet divorce is out of the question because of a prenuptial clause which would deny her the resources to look after her small daughter Lily. Sara’s best friend Beverly hovers around the family providing distraction and a sympathetic ear, but it gradually becomes apparent that she is not all she seems.

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As Sara’s routine re-establishes itself and her confrontations with David escalate in their ferocity, her inner life of thoughts and memories little by little tell us the story of her past. Aspiring to be a professional dancer, she realized it was her mother’s ambition she was fulfilling rather than her own, while her dream to be an artist, and wife to her one true love, Marcus, slipped out of her grasp.

Gradually the present and the past converge as Sara is increasingly consumed by old passions. Finally, as her life begins to fall apart, she takes a drastic step which serves both as an end and a beginning.

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The name of the rose


Complex and enigmatic

Complex and enigmatic

I don’t know its name, sadly.

Perhaps the Garden Centre does because they recommended it and have the same sort growing by their gate.

It’s strong, and vigorous, sporting many perfect blooms at the same time.

Complex and enigmatic, it conceals the mystery of its centre behind layer upon layer of petals.


The Missing Children by Anna O’Hare

The Missing Children

 Principal category Crime
 Word count (approximate pages) 73,500 (189)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $2.99

Where have all the children gone?

Benjamin Morris has taken a sabbatical year in order to write a novel but finds himself unable to make progress until a series of events – his brother’s funeral, saving a child from drowning, falling in love, leaving his wife and moving in with his mistress – unleash his energies and he is able to write long days in a dusty attic.

His idyll is shattered when he finds that his mistress has no particular regard for him and his little boy has been kidnapped. He sets off on an odyssey to find the child in the company of Stuart Orson, a long-standing friend who is suffering from a combat-induced mental ailment and whom he rescues from an institution where he is being forced into compliance with uncontrolled doses of sedative.

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Benjamin gives unexpected priority, on their travels, to contacting the actor and author whom he felt were responsible for the screen version betrayal of his favourite book, while at the same time we begin to notice the shadowy nature of Orson who never exactly engages with anyone.

At last they track Adam’s abductors down to Whitby, where ghost children have been seen and no child survives beyond the age of ten. In a house of horrors they make a horrendous discovery.

What will now become of the two friends, Morris and Orson? The book goes full circle when Benjamin is seen making the very same hardware purchases as his brother did, back at the beginning, when he was preparing for his suicide.

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