What to say in an author’s interview


You need confidence, not these!

Many people find it hard to know what to say when they’re put on the spot – and an author’s interview is certainly one of those situations. If you have never done one before, here are some simple tips to help you through this sometimes daunting process.


  • Believe in yourself. If you appear as self-deprecating or under-confident, people will not take you seriously.
  • Be polite and pleasant.
  • Talk about yourself – but keep it relevant. Don’t go off on tangents.
  • Be slightly mysterious. Don’t give your whole life story away up front; a bit enigmatic makes you more intriguing.


  • Be pretentious or say something about your writing process that isn’t entirely true because it sounds good. You will come across as insincere.
  • Be self-conscious. You’ll look more silly if you’re constantly watching and judging yourself for fear of saying something stupid.
  • Talk badly about other writers, even if they are rivals of yours. Be honest, but do it tactfully. Being critical or spiteful about other people does not look good in an interview, especially if you’re just starting out.
  • Be arrogant. Be confident, sure – but don’t big yourself up too much or come across as your own biggest fan.
  • Tell people useless information about yourself. No one cares what colour your lounge is painted.

The most important thing is to try and enjoy the moment.

Hitting The Target

Autographed photo - William Tell - thumbOn camera again today is Aiming True author, Conrad Phillips, describing his life and the events which took him from being a serviceman in World War II to playing the lead role in a prime-time television series. He tells of his many ups and downs, his disastrous first marriage, the William Tell filming injury that prematurely put paid to his acting career, and of the many fascinating characters whom he met along the way.

Conrad also speaks about the time with his second wife Jennie and, in particular, the period during which they bought, restored and ran a tumbledown Scottish hill farm – all on a shoestring. Despite great hardships, they overcome whatever life has to throw at them and come out the other side with an even stronger and closer relationship.

Conrad is being interviewed by Network On Air – click on the link to view this fascinating video.

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Our husband and wife authors, Conrad and Jennie Phillips, are in the news!

Conrad and Jennie Phillips, authors of Aiming True and Skeoch/A Bolt For Freedom respectively, have been interviewed by their local newspaper, the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald. The conversation centred mainly around Conrad’s colourful experiences in his role as William Tell but also extended to their time restoring a Scottish Hill farm.

The couple now live in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Read their interview on this link.

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