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Become a commercial writer – a free guide to download!

Becoming a commercial writer is one way that authors can ‘keep the home fires burning’ while waiting for that novel deal to come rolling in. Whether it be by writing articles, ghost-writing a book for someone else or through producing complex corporate training manuals, there’s always something there to be done.

Unfortunately every man and his dog has got wise to this and the market’s saturated with would-be commercial writers who both give the business a bad name (in many cases) and who have also driven the rates down – sometimes below subsistence level.

This free guide sets out how to present yourself in the best possible light, how to structure your bid, how to decide where to focus your efforts (which clients are timewasters or worse from those which are bona fide) and how to put together your price. In plain English, it’s all you need to know to get your career as a commercial writer started … and it’s FREE!

Written by an experienced commercial writer with an irrefutable pedigree for taking on the more challenging of projects and completing them both on time and to the approval of his clients, this guide really is all you need.

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