May I see your curriculum vitae?

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Curriculum vitae, usually abbreviated to just CV, is a fancy term for a resume widely used in most English-speaking countries. America is an exception; here the term is used more commonly in an academic or medical context, referring to a document that is similar to a resume but far more detailed.


Curriculum vitae is a Latin term which translates literally as ‘the course of my life.’ It first came into English use in 1902.

Improper Use

As the term is so common in the majority of the English speaking world, it is rare to see it used incorrectly; however, traditionally the term ‘vitae’ was written, as in its traditional form, using a ligature, i.e. vitæ. However, as this practice is dying out in general, this is now very rarely used.

Proper Use

A CV is usually a brief document, outlining the potential employee’s contact information, work and education history and possibly information like hobbies or awards/achievements.

Bob dropped his curriculum vitae into the bowling alley, hoping he’d get the job.
Her curriculum vitae impressed him so much that he hired her there and then.