Taste For Danger

Taste for danger

Principal category Erotica
Word count (approximate pages) 10,700 (30)
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Third book in the Disciplining of Mia series

Mia has got what she wants: a relationship with Rafe, the man she loves, in which his dominant personality and her submissive one can be fully exercised. She delights in the fact that they look like an ‘ordinary’ couple and other people are not aware of their secret, namely, that every part of her belongs to him.

After a boring night in the theatre, he tries out a new device on her as she lies helplessly tied and blindfolded: he drips candle wax all over her oiled body. While he is showering her afterwards, it transpires that Luna, their employee, is due to come and ‘play’ – only that neither is aware of having invited her.

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Luna’s presence immediately changes the dynamic between the couple, causing Mia to behave badly and incur a spanking with hand and belt from Rafe. They proceed directly from there into a threesome, which exhausts and satisfies them, but which terminates in Luna making an unexpected and unwelcome declaration of love to Mia.

Rafe drags out of Mia what it is that is bothering her, and Mia is surprised that Rafe doesn’t defend the other woman. It seems they would both prefer to be always just the two of them, and to celebrate, Rafe proposes the purchase of a new toy with which to complete Mia’s punishment for her bad behavior.

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