Training Betty

Training Betty by Melissa Harding

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 63,200 (178)
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The complete Training Betty series – Omnibus Edition

‘Training Betty’ is a light-hearted account covering, all told, a few months in the domestic life of Betty and her partner Michael. Strict, humourless disciplinarian meets mischievous, giddy ignoramus and the situations that arise are never devoid of fun.

Michael is attempting to make Betty into a ‘good wife’, which involves her knowing how to plan meals, shop, cook, clean, hold down a menial job in order to contribute to finances, respect him, and welcome his odious aunt when she comes to stay.

Betty frequently falls short of Michael’s expectations and the consequence is almost invariably a spanking. He likes the punishment to fit the crime which leads him to choose an inventive array of locations, positions and implements for the spankings, most of which take place in private. There are in addition those meted out by a mentor, and those which take place in public, variously in a train, by a roadside, in front of a hotel proprietor, and in the O-Bay Club which exists specifically for the purpose of hosting such events.

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Betty’s punishments are stern and meaningful, and she makes sincere if bungling efforts to avoid them, but ultimately she is aroused by Michael exerting his authority over her. She is content in her relationship and aspires to please the man in her life.

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Spanking Chronicles: Compendium No 2

Spanking Chronicles - Compendium 2

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 41,600 (120)
 In Kindle, Epub or PDF formats $4.50

The second half of the ‘Training Betty’ series PLUS a great free book – His Word Is Law

Get “Cherish & Obey”, “Betty’s Mentor” and “Betty’s Humiliation” (books 4, 5 and 6 of the immensely popular ‘Training Betty’ series PLUS the first book in the “Raoul and Bess” series which are set during medieval times.
But how will it end with Betty? Will her tongue get her bottom into more trouble than it can handle and will her love for Michael be strengthened by the firm hand he’s taking to her?

All Melissa’ books are fun reads. Her heroines are strong women who know what they want in a man. They also have a wicked sense of humour so read one and find out.

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