Fly in the ointment

Pool with hills beyond

Swimming pool on a misty morning

Or, rather: bee in the swimming pool.

This is the tranquil scene which greets me in the morning.

The water is cold, but bracing and deliciously numbing.

Today, as I swam, I stretched out a hand to pick a leaf off the surface.

Unfortunately for me, a bee was using the leaf as a boat.

It objected to the disturbance and stung me 3 times.


Mist floods the valley

Mist floods the valley

The world’s gone topsy-turvy.

The sea has found its way into our valley.

It has flooded the gulf between us and the mountain opposite.

The town has gone; the road and the railway.

We will need a boat.

Even so I don’t relish the prospect of sallying forth across that torrent.

Best to check our stores and see how long we can survive where we are.