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Cirstin Redman, author of Sophia Seductress, tells us a little about herself.

Cirstin Redman’s writing is an expression of her deepest feelings, which find release as she tells her stories. She counts her father among her greatest influences despite his enforced absence for most of her life.

She now lives in Benwood, Marshall County, West Virginia, with her husband and two children.

Apart from reading, she enjoys leisure travel, cooking and wine tasting.

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Autograph – Joe Holt

Cover - revised - reducedDownload an autographed photo of Joe Holt, author of Aloha Joe in Hawaii, a book which Any Subject Books was proud to edit and produce. Joe’s got a fantastic take on life and you’ll find much to inspire you between the pages of this book which is available in Kindle, Epub and Paperback formats.

This book is the sunny and inspiring tale of someone who refuses to be defeated by the adversities in his life. Scarred by a childhood of abuse, by injury and trauma as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines and by a totally fortuitous hit-and-run accident, he finally takes his life into his own hands and moves to the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii which has a reputation for offering a healing lifestyle.

Immersed in a jungle environment where geckos are his companions and he can forage for fruit every day to make his breakfast smoothies, he gradually slows to the pace of island life. He abandons TV, and instead listens to the sound of the rain on the roof. He learns how to greet and be greeted according to the beautiful customs of the island’s inhabitants, enjoys local food and allows serendipity to guide him.

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Conrad Phillips Autographed Photos

No puchase required Рdownload a free autographed photo of Conrad Phillips!

Conrad Phillips acted in 103 films and TV shows as well as making numerous theatre performances and even a cameo appearance on the second episode of The Golden Shot game show. His acting career spanned the 43-year period from 1948 to 1991 but was prematurely terminated by knee and hip injuries sustained while filming. Conrad’s most famous role was as the lead in William Tell which had 39 episodes and was re-screened well into the 1960’s.

Today, Conrad lives in Chippenham in the county of Wiltshire which is in the West of England and from where he’s written this autobiography and is currently working on a novel. He’s married to Jennie, whom he’s been with for nearly 50 years and who is also a writer.

Any Subject Books and Conrad Phillips invite you to download an autographed photo (in PDF format) which can be either in his famous William Tell pose or as himself at home in Chippenham.

But don’t just grab the photo, we can also strongly recommend his book, Aiming True.

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