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Sins of the FatherSins of the Father is a chilling tale of the supernatural penned by R J Palmer, an independent writer and author of Birthright. This book is set in a feudal England and centres on a young orphan called Bowen. He is brought up by monks who abuse him with frequent whippings and other sadistic punishments – even for the most minor of infractions.

The book then shifts to the present day and a Midwest minister called Aaron who meets an autistic child with seemingly no past at a psychiatric hospital. For Aaron this is just the beginning of a descent into terror – a journey which will force him to make a decision which will end with him risking his own life to save the boy.

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As Aaron watched in fascination and awe that changed quickly to horror, Lucian sat straight up in bed and abruptly stopped screaming.  His eyes, normally of that purest amethyst color and staring fixedly to the upper right met Aaron’s for the first time.  They darkened with intense anguish before they turned as black as ink in the space of a second and Lucian opened his mouth.

The voice that came from him could not have been his for it was not childlike or sing song and it was not the high pitched voice of a boy of six.  It was low, cold and hateful and it vibrated with fury, awareness and suppressed power.  It crawled along Aaron’s skin as if it had a life of its own and made him feel nauseous and weak.  Its cold caress could be felt reverberating from every corner of the room.  Aaron fought for strength and control of his stomach as the voice that came from Lucian but was not Lucian’s was also accompanied by a sickening stench like that of rot and decay.  There was death and agony and bitter, undiluted hate in the chilling quality of that voice and Aaron’s eyes watered and he gagged with the putrescence.

“Mae yn byw gwarcheidwad.  Mae giât wedi ei agor.  Mae bechodau y tad a gludir ar y mab.  Thirsts Dialedd ar gyfer gwaed.  Rhaid i’r aberth cael eu gwneud.”

Aaron was bitterly cold and shaking with terror as the power of that voice carried him to a place of utter despair and he knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was no match, was not equal to the task of helping Lucian no matter how he tried.  No matter what he did, he would lose and he knew keenly that he should just give up now.  What could he do against a voice or presence of that magnitude?  It was a fools’ errand and the effort was lost before he’d ever begun.

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