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Press Releases

Be the talk of the town with an eye-catching, story-inspiring, jaded-editor-proof story

Let’s put the word out!

You’ve written a cracking story and you want the world to know about it. What better way than to use a suitably captivating and enticing press release to get the world’s media interested in you?

That said, knowing how much to reveal in a PR and how much to hold back for the subsequent interviews is not an easy balance to strike nor is being 100% objective about your own writing. That’s where we come in. As experienced commercial writers, we can offer a combined press release writing and distribution service. Don’t compare us with many of the other ‘similar’ services – we’ve seen their efforts which invariably contain numerous grammar and word usage errors (and what message does that send about an author?). Don’t take our word for it – look at their own websites and see.

This sloppiness might not matter too much if you’ve just invented a domestic nuclear fusion reactor that can sit between your microwave and your food processor but it says everything about your professional abilities as an author. We won’t let your reputation get tarnished in such a way because all of our releases are written by highly-experienced, graduate-level educated, native English speakers.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel

Some things to bear in mind about choosing an Any Subject Books Press Release.

Your PR writer will be:

  • A native English speaker with university level education
  • A UK or a US English speaker as appropriate
  • An experienced commercial writer with an extensive knowledge of publishing and the media

Your PR will be:

  • Distributed relevantly (i.e. to media outlets that deal with books, authors etc)
  • Prepared to the highest of standards with very much the personal touch
  • ‘Unspammy’ because we don’t just splurge it – the people we send it to are manually targeted for the best possible response
  • Complete with read receipts and responses sent direct to your email address allowing you to monitor success and to quickly follow up on replies

Press Release Services

You can choose to either distribute your press release to a single English-speaking country or to go global and you can choose to write your own PR and let us edit it to make it really stand out.

Description Fee


Correcting, editing and formatting supplied press release (1 to 3 pages) $60
Writing PR following briefing by client – 2 edits $100


Press release to one country (e.g. US, UK etc) $145
Full worldwide distribution $395

Place your order – choose the appropriate combination based on the above

Customer provides press release script, single country distribution ($205)
Customer provides press release script, worldwide distribution ($455)
Any Subject Books writes press release based on customer’s briefing, single country distribution ($245)
Any Subject Books writes press release based on customer’s briefing, worldwide distribution ($495)

E & OE

Press Release FAQ’s

How long does it take to get a PR written?

Writing a PR takes time but we’ll get it back to you ASAP. We’d normally appreciate 5 business days but don’t let that put you off sending in your request if you need it written quicker. Less than 5 days may incur a premium to be paid but we’ll discuss and agree that with you before beginning work.

How do you know what to write?

The fee includes getting a detailed briefing from yourself beforehand. We believe in getting things right first time so it’s in our interest too. If we’re in any doubt about what slant to take, we’ll discuss it with you until we’re absolutely certain.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

If you’re not happy with what we’ve written and you really don’t feel that it can be salvaged, we’ll refund your payment in full. Please note that our watermark will only be removed from the proposed PR when you’ve given final approval.

Summary of service coverage Single country distribution Global distribution
Customer writes press release for Any Subject Books to edit, format and then distribute
Any Subject Books writes press release to customer’s briefing and approval (2 edits offered) and then distributes