Our ‘No Quibble’ guarantee

No quibble guarantee

Here at Any Subject Books we’re keen to get known as the ‘fair and square’ online book publisher. Sadly our industry’s already become a bit tarnished with companies who are all smiles when it comes to taking your money but then disappear completely when things go wrong. You won’t find us doing that (hopefully things won’t ever go wrong, of course!).

The way we work is that every job we take on is overseen by real people who actually care about both what they do and the way in which it’s being done. As far as we’re concerned, we should be treating each book as if it’s one of our own. When it comes down to it, if it’s not good enough for us, why should it be good enough for you? It’s that philosophy which allows us to make the promise of our ‘no quibble guarantee’.

You’ll find specific details of what this entails against each service but what it’s basically saying is that you need to tell us as soon as possible if you’re not pleased about something and we’ll then either resolve it to your satisfaction or refund you without arguing. Either way you go off into the sunset happy that you chose to trust us with your custom.

What makes us different? Well, apart from the refusal to charge very big bucks for just passing your work on to a very big computer, we’re also experienced authors ourselves meaning we’ve ‘been there and done it’ as opposed to having just sat and theorized. Because of the personal way in which we work, we also form relationships with our clients. To then go and cheat a mate? Well, that’s just despicable.

Not only that, happy customers mean repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations and that’s how we’d rather invest our own advertising budget.

Life’s too short and too stressful to argue over things. Sign up with us and take cover under that no quibble guarantee.


The Guarantee (in general terms – see each service for specifics)

We’re proud of what we send back to clients. Whether we’re set to represent you as publishers or whether you just want to pick some of our publishing services and then ‘go it alone’, we have exactly the same satisfaction in getting a job done properly.

There’s a trend towards automated output with a faceless management operating it remotely – that is the diametric opposite of what we are and is everything we set ourselves out not to be.

So, what’s this guarantee?

If you’re not happy with what we do for you, tell us, agree to never make use of what we’ve provided you with, and we’ll refund you in full. We won’t get in a wrangle unless you’ve gone against this simple request.

You’ll find specifics about how our no quibble guarantee operates on the page for the relevant book publishing service however the basic principle throughout is that we don’t want anyone going away feeling that we’ve not given what we promised. That said, we don’t want to do abortive work so, if you’re not happy, tell us at the earliest opportunity.

When you place your order with Any Subject Books, you can be confident that it’s being handled by real people who actually care about what leaves their hands. Choose us with complete confidence.