Once upon a time


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, not that many years ago, there lived certain wizards who would take the carefully written words of local citizens and transform them into beautiful works which were available to all. These people were much revered and respected for they held the keys to prosperity and longevity for those citizens skilled in the wordsmith’s craft. However the ways of these wizards were mysterious and they were a law unto themselves with their aloofness and dismissive attitude towards the citizens.

In time, these wizards became conceited, greedy, indolent and complacent. The citizens grew restless for change but, for a very long time, change didn’t come. Then, when it finally did, and the magnificent edifices of the wizards were torn asunder, the citizens rejoiced. “Now we are no longer at the mercy of the wizards!” they proclaimed. Sadly for them, all was not to be well for long in the realm. Where once the network of wizards had ruled, now chaos reigned supreme with every citizen for themselves and evil, faceless creatures sprang up who promised deliverance but merely took the citizens’ gold and then disappeared.

The chaos also brought about a reduction in standards with the wordsmith’s craft rapidly becoming a lost skill. No longer did anyone care what was published and there was no-one left to enforce the requirement that wordsmiths possess the essential skills that they once had to demonstrate before a wizard would agree to represent them. Once again, the people grew angry and restless. “What have we done?” and “We need a champion!” they shouted.

To be continued …