Obey Thy Master

Obey Thy Master by Melissa Harding

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 31,000 (87)
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The complete O+Bay Club series (3 books for the price of 2)

Measure of Control

The prequel to the O-Bay Club. Set in the 50’s, Lily is a bored housewife who is trying hard to get the attention of her somewhat remote husband Lawrence. Eventually he resorts to spanking her and, when she takes refuge with her best friend Charlotte, the two husbands join forces. Then, along with some workmates, the men set up a club to ensure punishments are both fair and moderated. The O-Bay Club is born.

The O-Bay Club

Michael is invited to join a male-run club whose sole function is the correct training and disciplining of the membership’s female partners. Betty soon learns the consequences of pushing Michael too far – punishment by committee and in public, too!

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Curbing Her Compulsion

Beverley’s a fashion-conscious lady so, when the landlord of the pub she works at asks her to ‘smarten up a bit’ for the new posher clientele, she sees it as an opportunity to refresh her wardrobe. Unfortunately the credit card bill is too much for her husband and he decides to take her along to the next meeting of the dreaded O-Bay Club for some much needed disciplining.

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