Measure Of Control


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Here’s how the O-Bay Club began

The era is the 50’s and Lily is bored with her husband, Lawrence’s remoteness. The passion seems to have gone from their marriage and she finds herself rejecting his attentions. Desperate to ‘do something’, she begins to increasingly disrespect and disobey Lawrence until one day he can take no more and responds by giving Lily a severe spanking.

Surprisingly to her, Lily finds the whole experience deeply arousing – something which disturbs her so much she runs off to her friend Charlotte to ask for help and advice.

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Charlotte has also been on the receiving end of some disciplinary measures from her own man and the two girls decide to manipulate their partners into having joint spanking sessions where the level of punishment is monitored and controlled.

The news spreads and other men become interested.

… and so the O-Bay Club was founded.

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