Kindle Book Publishing

Kindle book publishing has become the standard route for new publishers seeking to get their works ‘out there’ and sold to as wide a market as possible. Although Amazon’s Kindle is by far from being the only way in which an e-book can get sold en masse, it’s quickly become the benchmark and the first option for most authors. Accordingly, it makes sense to, as far as possible, aim a book at them and their clientele.

One thing that new writers to the world of Kindle book publishing often don’t consider is the commercial aspect. They’re so caught up in the passion of writing, the urgency to get their ideas ‘down on paper’ and the unwavering certainty that theirs is the tale that’s going to stop the world in its tracks, that they don’t do their research properly.

Perhaps surprisingly, this research is actually quite easy to carry out. For example, did you realize that Amazon actually have lists showing the best free Kindle books in the USA? They’re organized by genre and can be found here. On the right hand side of each category, you’ll find the best free Kindle books in the USA organized by genre.

These books are there because the Kindle book publishing in the USA service has sorted them by dint of the number of copies which have been given away with the assumption that the most popular books are the best free Kindle books in the USA.

If you’re thinking about writing a book and taking advantage of the Kindle book publishing service, your research should start here. Find your genre, download the top free books and work hard to establish a common thread. What makes them tick? What’s their style like? How long are they? Is there any common subject matter and so on. Take your time over this as thorough research done now will save a great deal of frustration and misery later.

Other things you should look out for include the number and quality of reviews, the product description and the author’s profile. While these are lesser factors, they all undoubtedly add up to push a book to the fore.

The Kindle book publishing in the USA service literally handles hundreds and hundreds of new books every day with millions already uploaded. If your book is to stand out from the rest, it needs to be something special as well as meeting the needs of the market.

At Any Subject Books, we take all these factors into account and we’ll help target your book to the correct niche. We understand Kindle book publishing in the USA.


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