His Word Is Law by Melissa Harding


 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,200 (30)
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The tale of the mighty Raoul and his headstrong bride, Bess, begins here!

His Word Is Law is an erotic historical romance set in medieval times. It’s also the first in the ‘Raoul and Bess’ series of books penned by bestselling erotica writer, Melissa Harding.

Bess is a wild and free-spirited creature who is taken captive by the powerful Raoul, the lord of the local castle. In accordance with custom, having captured her, he marries her but Bess’ spirit and natural sassy attitude can’t be pinned down so easily and she constantly rebels against her true love and captor.

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As a result of this disobedience, and concerned about how her behavior might be perceived by his subjects, Raoul is compelled to severely punish Bess, soundly spanking her when she doesn’t comply with his instructions. Raoul’s disciplinary measures are intended to bring Bess into line but not to crush the will of the girl he fell hopelessly in love with from afar. Will he tame Bess, though?

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Independent Review by www.creativewording.com

“His Word Is Law is a simply told, erotic punishment novella which is easy to get into and promises an edgy yet ultimately endearing tale. The heroine and ‘her master’ are engaging, believable characters who exist in an overtly patriarchal culture. This story is something that you can hop into bed with or soak with in the bathtub (if you are that brave with your kindle) and dive right into as a small guilty pleasure.”