Her Shaming by Melissa Harding

Her shaming

 Principal category Erotica
 Word count (approximate pages) 10,200 (30)
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Bess is in a mess – she’s gone too far this time

Her Shaming follows the tale of Bess and Raoul. Set against a medieval backdrop, Raoul, the handsome lord of the castle, undertakes the not insignificant job of taming the beautiful and tempestuous Bess whom, in accordance with local custom, he has recently captured and married. Bess, however, is used to having things her own way and, even though Raoul insists on strict obedience, her own will gets in the way.

Through circumstances out of Bess’ control which lead her to be both disobedient and dishonest, she incurs Raoul’s wrath – something not to be taken lightly

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While Raoul’s love for his new bride means that he doesn’t want to hurt her over and above his normal spanking of her naked bottom, this calls for something special. He must be seen by his subjects to be administering the most severe of punishments but such a punishment would be more than he could bear giving Bess.

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