Grammar test – what do you score?

643010In a moment of ill-advised madness, we two directors of ASB just took the grammar test on the BBC website. While immodesty suggests it would be nice to report we both scored 10 out of 10, we actually got a joint score of 15 out of 20 (we took the test separately).

Before you pass judgement on this result, have a go at some of the questions – they’re far from easy.

Returning to the writing perspective, my own particular bêtes noires that I come across when editing are ‘alot’ and ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’. There are plenty of other ones, of course.

The message it sends to me (and I speak now in my editorial capacity) about an author is that they really couldn’t be bothered. We all make mistakes (anyone who thinks that they don’t is not playing with a full deck of cards) but there are such things as taking care and taking pride in what you’ve produced.

Bragging rights allowed on this page. See if you can beat our score on the test but be honest – no second goes!

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