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What makes a great drama story?

A great drama book is a little bit like real life, only more exciting, more colorful and faster moving. Drama can be grounded in the real world, and many well-known works offer a large helping of social criticism along with a compelling story. If you enjoy the non-stop intrigue of soap operas or other types of serialized stories, you may also like reading in this genre. When you read a well-written drama, you’ll experience all the trials and tribulations alongside the main characters until the very end, whether or not everyone ends up living happily ever after.

5 things to look for when choosing a drama story

  1. Choose a book with a story that’ll keep you anticipating what will happen next. Drama is characterized by a sense of excitement. You should be eagerly turning the pages, even if it takes all night to get through them all. Who needs sleep when life is this action-packed?
  2. Look for a story that engages your mind as well as your emotions. An effective drama will usually make you think or motivate you to contemplate a moral or ethical dilemma in a new way.
  3. Think about what bothers you most about the world or an issue about which you’re passionate. There may be a writer in the drama genre or a playwright who feels the same way, and has written a story or play about it.
  4. Look for a richness and depth of dialogue that makes the characters seem to come to life from within the pages. Fully developed characters can seem as real as your friends (or enemies, for that matter).
  5. In addition to finding a story you care about and great dialogue, look for a hero or heroine that you can connect with, at least on a certain level. You should be committed to being by their side through every plot twist and turn

5 great books

The drama genre has been around for literally centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans wrote and performed dramatic works. You may have read a few masterpieces from ancient times, as well as some comparatively newer works, such as

  1. Hamlet, 1601, by William Shakespeare (as well as many other Shakespearian dramas). Classic dramas have originated from many countries and for various purposes.
  2. In 1867, French writer Emile Zola penned Therese Raquin, a psychological study of the human condition.
  3. In 1879, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen criticized the limited acceptable gender roles for women in his book The Doll’s House nearly 100 years before Betty Friedan and Simone de Beauvoir.
  4. In 1953, American playwright Henry Miller, offered a scathing symbolic indictment of McCarthyism in his book, The Crucible.
  5. The detrimental effects of substance abuse within a family are tackled in Eugene O’Neill in Long Day’s Journey Into Night back in 1956. 

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Our drama stories
Doreen's Dream Queen Anne's Lace The Missing Children
Life and love are passing Doreen by. When the object of her infatuation is taken off to view his inheritance on a Greek island, Doreen decides that it’s time to get in shape – in body, mind and heart! After the death of her husband, Isabel McKay is at a loss as to what to do with the rest of her life. Her family have grown up and there seems little point in maintaining the cottage by the sea where they used to live. Convent life has a certain appeal but will one of a number of different relationships stand in the way? Young children are being abducted but why and where are they being taken to? Saving a young boy from drowning, Benjamin is suddenly caught up when his own 3yr old son is abducted.
The Road Wild Goose Queen Anne's Lace & Wild Goose Compendium
Power is there to be abused and corruption is a way of life. Cynically abusing their positions of trust, the rich get richer while the poor are in no position to complain. This is a blockbuster of a novel that’ll have you laughing, crying and thumping the cushions in rage. Growing up in the countryside, Jemima is in the right place to turn her love of the natural world into a career. Unfortunately her father wants otherwise. This is a delightful, although frequently uncompromising, view of a rural childhood and parental domination. Wild Goose – The story of Jemima. Will she break free of her father’s suffocating love for her that is trying to create a clone of himself? Queen Anne’s Lace – Will Isabel’s future lie with the convent or will love get in the way? What will her children say when they learn she’s trying to give the family home away?
Sophia Seductress
Sophia is the teenage daughter that would give you endless sleepless nights. She’s openly disrespectful, sexually precocious and into anything that’s pure trouble. One day she sets her sights on the young male teacher at her school – that’s when her world comes tumbling down on her.